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Ukrainian foreign minister advises India to avoid Russia


During a visit to New Delhi, Dmytro Kuleba, the foreign minister of Ukraine, urged India to reevaluate its long-standing close ties with Russia.


Kuleba shared his insights on the strong partnership between India and Russia.


According to him, this collaboration is deeply rooted in the Soviet legacy. Kuleba made these remarks from the Indian capital on Friday. "However, the legacy in question will not endure for centuries; rather, it is a legacy that is slowly fading away."


New Delhi has adopted a neutral position regarding Russia's invasion of Ukraine. It does not endorse Western sanctions against Moscow and consistently emphasises the importance of resolving conflicts through dialogue. With a staggering population of 1.4 billion, this country has managed to maintain positive relations with both Western nations and Russia.


India, one of Russia's main consumers, has expanded its purchases of inexpensive oil since the start of the conflict in Ukraine. For quite some time now, the country has been procuring a significant portion of its military equipment from Russia. India is making efforts to decrease its reliance on imports in this regard, by increasing its imports from other nations or boosting domestic production.


In an interview, Kuleba expressed his concerns regarding the growing ties between Russia and China, urging India to pay attention to this development. India and China have had a tense relationship following a fatal clash on their heavily fortified border in the Himalayan Mountains last year.

Kuleba also highlighted the importance of fostering increased trade relations between Ukraine and India. He said that, for example, his nation was eager to purchase big gear from India.

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