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Bangladesh: Intensifying Heat Wave Kills Two


Tragic news emerged from Chuadanga and Pabna of Bangladesh as the scorching heat wave claimed two lives on Saturday.


Bangladesh has been grappling with relentless hot spells for days, leading to the unprecedented decision to shut down all educational institutions, including schools, madrasas, and colleges, until April 27.

Two individuals have been identified as the deceased in this tragic incident. Jakir Hossain, 33, from Thakurpur village in Damurhuda upazila of Chuadanga, and Sukumar Das, 60, a resident of Shalgaria Jakir Moar in Pabna district town.


Amir Hossain, father of Jakir Hossain suggests that his son, Jakir, entered a nearby cropland to engage in irrigation activities. They discovered Jakir had succumbed to heat exhaustion after approximately one hour. With great urgency, they swiftly procured water from a nearby ancient well.


In a tragic turn of events, he tragically passed away while en route to Damurhuda Upazila Health Complex, leaving his father overcome with grief.


Dr. Zahedul Islam, the on-duty physician at Pabna General Hospital, Sukumar, experienced a sudden illness while having tea at the tea stall in Rupkotha Moar around noon, which he attributes to the sweltering heat.


After being rushed to the hospital, doctors performed CPR on him. Unfortunately, upon arrival, they declared him deceased, according to his account.


In a remarkable turn of events, Chuadanga recorded a scorching temperature of 42.3 degrees Celsius at 2 p.m. on Saturday.


Tahmina Nasrin, a meteorological observer at a top-tier weather observatory in Chuadanga, reported that after an extended period of scorching temperatures, the heat has intensified, resulting in an extremely intense heat wave.


She attributes the impending rainfall to the scorching heat wave. If there is rain, we can expect a rapid drop in temperature.

In addition, the weather radar indicates no signs of rain in the forecast.


In a remarkable feat, Bangladesh experienced its highest recorded temperature of 42.6° Fahrenheit in the city of Jessore. This scorching milestone left residents feeling the intense heat as thermometers soared to unprecedented levels.

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