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Putin warns of Nuclear Armageddon, saying Moscow can attack West


Russian President Vladimir Putin threatens a possible nuclear war, stating that Moscow can launch attacks on the West.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has cautioned Western nations about the potential threat of nuclear conflict if they deploy their military forces to engage in hostilities in Ukraine. He also said that Moscow had the necessary armaments to target locations in Western countries.

While speaking to parliament and other influential individuals in the country, the 71-year-old reiterated his allegation that the Western nations are determined to undermine Russia.

He also stated that Western officials may need to comprehend the dangerous nature of their interference in what he portrayed as Russia's domestic matters.

The individual started his cautionary statement by explicitly alluding to a proposition by French President Emmanuel Macron on Monday, which included deploying ground forces by European NATO member states to Ukraine.

However, this proposal was promptly dismissed by the United States, Germany, Britain, and other relevant parties.

According to Mr Putin, Western governments must acknowledge the presence of weapons capable of targeting their territories.

"This situation poses a significant risk of a nuclear conflict and the potential destruction of civilisation." Do they not get that

Mr Putin, addressing before a presidential election scheduled for 15-17 March, when he is expected to be re-elected for another six-year termpraised Russia's highly advanced nuclear arsenal, which he said is the greatest in the world.

The ongoing conflict in Ukraine has resulted in a significant deterioration of Moscow's diplomatic ties with Western nations, comparable to the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962. President Putin has previously expressed concerns about the potential risks of a direct clash between NATO and Russia.

Mr Putin, the prominent leader of Russia for almost twenty years, expressed his evident anger and urged Western politicians to reflect upon the historical experiences of individuals such as Adolf Hitler of Nazi Germany and Napoleon Bonaparte of France, who were unsuccessful in their invasions of his nation. 

However, Mr Putin warned that the repercussions would be even more devastating. 

"The perception of war is that it is a cartoon," he said

Mr Putin also said that any attempt to invade Russia would be met with more severe repercussions compared to World War II, as the nation now has weaponry capable of targeting adversary territory. 

Mr Putin's standing has improved two years after he started his attack on Ukraine. 

During the previous yearRussian military forces were experiencing significant setbacks due to Ukrainian counteroffensives, which resulted in their retreat in the north-eastern and southern regions of Ukraine

However, after an unsuccessful Ukrainian counteroffensive in the summer of 2023, Kyiv shifted its focus to defensive positions. 

The formerly robust Western backing for Ukraine seems to be waning, as seen by the halt in the passage of a $60 billion (€55 billion) US assistance package in Congress. 

Putin's men have successfully conquered the eastern bastion of Avdiivka, surpassing Ukrainian forces on the battlefield, and are now endeavouring to extend their gains further. 

In terms of the economy, Russia is doing better than many anticipated. 

The substantial allocations of resources towards military manufacturing and generous remuneration and perks for military personnel have effectively protected the economy from the most severe repercussions of Western sanctions. 

The conclusion of the elections is widely acknowledged. Nevertheless, it is noteworthy that Mr Putin has been actively engaging in media appearances since the commencement of the year, which includes his recent involvement in the operation of a Russian bomber

During the address today, he expressed his intention to establish the targets for at least six years.

Separatists, elections, and Ukraine

Yesterday, pro-Russian rebels in Moldova's breakaway territory of Transnistria made a request to Moscow for "protection," prompting Mr Putin to respond potentially

Additionally, he might respond to a comment by his French counterpart, Emmanuel Macron, when he declined to exclude the possibility of deploying Western military troops to Ukraine. 

The Russian leader customarily evaluates the previous year and presents fresh strategic orientations to his nation's political and military leadership

In recent yearsPutin has used the event to express his disapproval of what he refers to as the "decadence" of the West - any deviation from the orthodox principles advocated by the Kremlin

In 2023, he levied allegations against Western nations, claiming that they were using the war in Ukraine as a means to retaliate against Russia

Additionally, he said that those from Russia who had opted for "the course of betrayal" should be held accountable in light of an intensifying suppression of opposition. 

Today's address coincides with the burial scheduled in Moscow for Alexei NavalnyMr Putin's primary adversary, who passed away in jail on 16 February under uncertain circumstances. 

Mr Putin, renowned for his consistent avoidance of mentioning the opposition leader by name, has so far refrained from commenting on the killing of Mr Navalny, which has incited widespread anger both domestically and internationally.

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