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Syria: Seven Died in Azaz Market Car Blast


A car bursting in northern Syria killed at least seven persons in a famous market.


The attack on the Syrian regional town of Azaz, close to the Turkish border, wounded many more.


As far as anybody can tell, pro-Turkish militants opposing Syrian President Bashar al-Assad were operating out of the town when the incident occurred.


A considerable portion of Syria near the shared border between Turkey and Syria is under the control of the Turkish military or their proxies.


The market was bustling, with buyers purchasing new clothing for their children when the bomb went off. They were preparing for Eid al-Fitr, the conclusion of the Islamic fasting month of Ramadan, which is next month.


According to the White Helmets, a Syrian volunteer rescue organisation, two children were among the casualties.


In Azaz, you may find the Syrian Interim Government, an opposition faction that claims to be the rightful ruler of Syria.


Experts agree that the town's location on a supply line and closeness to the Turkish border make it a key town in the civil war's strategic context.

The northwestern border region of Syria, including Azaz, is infamous for bombings that deliberately target civilian-populated areas.


 A vehicle explosion outside the town's courthouse killed over 40 people in 2017.


The Islamic State organisation claimed responsibility for the incident. They temporarily ruled the town in 2013.

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