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Germany's kit swap from Adidas to Nike shocks the world


In a surprising move that has sent shockwaves through the football community, the German Football Association (DFB) has announced a new kit deal with Nike.

Germany and Adidas have become inseparable, with different countries associated with various kit brands. They have been manufacturing shirts for the national team for more than seven decades.

In a historic shift for the national team, American sportswear giant Nike will replace their German rivals in 2027.

In a surprising turn, Germany's iconic black, red, and gold jerseys, which have long been associated with the renowned three Adidas stripes, are set to change significantly. 

In 2027, Nike's distinctive swoosh will become the new emblem adorning the national team's jerseys.

The decision has ignited a wave of intense reactions in Germany. Economy Minister Robert Habeck expressed his disappointment, emphasising the significance of the Adidas stripes on a German shirt.

Habeck views the pairing as a representation of national identity and has criticised the DFB for what he perceives as a lack of patriotism.

Chancellor Olaf Scholz maintained a neutral stance, focusing on objectives rather than attire, as supporters voiced their feelings of cultural and traditional bereavement.

The DFB recognised the decision's significant impact but highlighted its financial reasoning.

It has been reported that Nike's offer far surpassed that of Adidas. In a significant move, the American brand has agreed to pay a staggering €100 million per year, surpassing the previous deal with Adidas, which stood at €65 million.

An announcement by the DFB revealed that the extra funds would be allocated to developing German football, focusing on youth and women's programs.

According to sports economist Christoph Breuer, Adidas is set to face a significant setback in its domestic market, while the Nike deal comes at an opportune moment for the DFB.

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