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Officers intercept Joel Osteen's megachurch shooter amid gunshots


The Houston megachurch pastored by Joel Osteen was disrupted by a brief period of gunshots lasting four minutes or less.

Over two weeks after the shooting at Lakewood Church on February 11, surveillance and police body camera video was released on Monday, revealing the frightening nature of the short-lived incident—scattered church attendees seeking shelter in the hallways and chambers

Police officers take cover behind barriers and draw their firearms. The seven-year-old kid of the shooter was shot and wounded. He was subsequently discovered lying on the ground, covering his ears to block out the pandemonium.

An officer can be heard shouting, "Put the weapon down, now," before firing the gun. A second officer cautions that she could have an explosive device.

The Houston police released a 26-minute video that includes the sounds of many gunfire explosions. The incident resulted in the death of the gunman, Genesse Moreno, 36, and left two others wounded. Authorities have not determined the reason for the shooting or the identity of the individual who shot Moreno's small son in the head. He is still in serious condition.

Reportedly, the lady unlawfully entered the church during the interval between Sunday services and began firing an AR-style gun. Two off-duty cops fatally shot Moreno after he was unable to reach the main sanctuary. Both Moreno's kid and another guy were harmed.

The film depicts a typical Sunday at a large megachurch, with people socialising in the halls outside the 16,000-seat structure.

Security video from Lakewood Church reveals that Moreno arrived in a white SUV only minutes before. Samuel, her kid, is shown exiting the rear seat and being guided towards the building. Moreno is wearing a baggy trench coat in a tan hue, along with boots, striped pants, and a black shirt.

One body camera recorded individuals engaging in conversation before suddenly ceasing as the first gunshot rang out. Some individuals began fleeing in a state of confusion, followed by a sudden outburst of gunshots. Witnesses were concealed in corridors and rooms.

Off-duty police officers, armed with handguns, were seen crouched as they hurried towards the firing.

"We must advance," she said as she and another cop proceeded towards the sound of gunfire. Be there with us, God. Forgive our wrongdoings.

Gunshots could be heard echoing through the church structure in the footage as officers approached the shooting site.

The church's CCTV camera captured the kid shielding his ears after his mother exited the picture. He seemed to be in a recessed entryway. As she approached him, he reached out his arms to hug her. The youngster seems to track her movements as she reapplies from the screen.

Moreno was recorded stating, "You murdered my son." Subsequently, she said, "I possess an explosive device." Retreat. I possess an explosive device. Gunfire was audible as she talked.

Following the child's injury in the shooting, images of him in orange pants and a yellow top grew blurry. Multiple police saw the youngster lying supine on the carpeted corridor and requested paramedics.

A cop reported over the radio, "We have a child who has been shot three times in the head." The kneeling cop prayed for God to draw the youngster near as she approached him.

Houston police have not yet determined who fired the rounds that wounded the youngster.

Moreno walked confidently down a corridor in another part of the chapel, aiming her AR-style gun. Based on the surveillance video, she was shot many times in under two minutes before falling to the ground and being contacted by the police.

Subsequently, an officer said over the radio, "Shooter is down." She seems to have something attached to her chest. Another cop requested the bomb squad. Authorities subsequently confirmed that no explosives were found.

The publicly released film indicates that about four minutes elapsed from the beginning of the gunfire to the cops declaring Moreno's death.

Houston Police Chief Troy Finner stated that the video might disturb community members in a statement on X (previously Twitter).

Finner noted that the inquiry is ongoing despite the presence of unresolved questions. "We will continue to diligently investigate all aspects of this incident in collaboration with our local, state, and federal law enforcement partners."

The police told reporters that they were still trying to determine Moreno's motive and learn more about how she obtained the AR-style weapon she used.

Last week, Walli Carranza, the boy's grandmother, said in Facebook postings that her grandson, Samuel, was breathing nicely without a breathing tube. Samuel has had six operations, as reported by Carranza.

Can he lead a life that is comparable to his previous one? Carranza expressed ignorance in a tweet on Saturday, saying, "I have no idea."

Carranza said that Samuel had smiled at her on Sunday.

This report was authored by Associated Press journalists Valerie Gonzalez in McAllen, Texas, Jamie Stengle in Dallas, and Acacia Coronado in Austin, Texas.

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