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Earthquake stunned New York locals


Residents of New York confirmed an earthquake in the New York Metro area after feeling the ground shake.

The United States Geological Survey has officially confirmed an earthquake measuring 4.7 on the Richter scale. The epicentre was located about five kilometres northeast of Lebanon, New Jersey.

An earthquake occurred around 10:20 am ET today (5 April), causing tremors in New Jersey and New York State.


New York Metro Weather wasted no time confirming the earthquake on X, stating: "YES, THAT WAS AN EARTHQUAKE."

Residents of Manhattan were left bewildered when the ground suddenly shook, prompting a flurry of reactions on social media.


"Did anyone else just experience the earthquake just now?" "In New York?" one perplexed X user questioned.


A concerned individual in New York took to social media to express their confusion and alarm: "Did anyone in New York just feel an earthquake? What the hell was that?"


New York Governor Kathy Hochul took to X to provide an update on the situation, stating that her team is currently evaluating the potential impacts and assessing any possible damage that may have occurred.


"We will keep the public informed as the day progresses," she stated.


Following the unexpected event, New York Metro Weather acknowledged its failure to predict it in its earlier weather update.


"Another gradual improvement (look at us go)," the account wrote earlier. "High temperatures in the mid 50s with partly sunny skies. Isolated showers are possible this afternoon and blustery west winds will continue. The vibes are...getting there."

Following the earthquake, it wrote: "I forgot to include scattered earthquakes in today’s weather rating. My bad."


The office of New York Mayor Eric Adams has provided an update, stating that no significant impacts have been reported. However, they have also guided residents in the affected areas in preparing for potential aftershocks.


The Mayor's office provided instructions on what to do during an aftershock. They advised individuals to drop to the floor, protect their head and neck, and seek additional cover under a sturdy piece of furniture, next to an interior wall, or in a doorway.

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