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US gunman kills three in Pennsylvania, ending New Jersey siege


According to authorities, the suspected gunman, Andre Gordon, has been arrested in New Jersey after a string of fatal shootings in Pennsylvania.

According to authorities, three individuals were tragically killed in Levittown on Saturday, allegedly by the suspect, Andre Gordon who then fled across state lines to a residence in the neighbouring town of Trenton.

The suspect entered the house while the residents were present.

However, the authorities were able to evacuate them later on safely.

Andre Gordon willingly turned himself in to law enforcement.

A 26-year-old individual, who had prior acquaintance with the victims, took refuge in a residence before surrendering to law enforcement authorities.

According to the Trenton police, he was reported to have exited the residence and was subsequently sighted nearby by law enforcement.

According to Philadelphia police, the individual in question is believed to be without a permanent residence but is known to frequent the Trenton area.

In a news conference, Jennifer Schorn, the District Attorney of Bucks County in Philadelphia, revealed that individuals connected to Mr. Gordon were among the victims in Levittown, including a child. Levittown is situated within the Philadelphia metropolitan area.

According to officials. Mr Gordon is said to have entered a house in Levittown and reportedly shot and killed his 52-year-old stepmother, Karen Gordon, along with his 13-year-old sister, Kera Gordon. He entered another residence approximately two miles from the previous incident. Tragically, he is accused of fatally shooting 25-year-old Taylor Daniel, who was the mother of his children.

According to reports, he is said to have assaulted her mother using the butt of his rifle, resulting in her current hospitalisation for recovery.

According to the Bucks County District Attorney's Office, after the shootings occurred, Mr. Gordon reportedly carjacked someone at a dollar store. Then, he proceeded to the residence in Trenton, where he barricaded himself.

Photographs documented law enforcement's swift and decisive actions during the tense standoff in Trenton. The compelling visuals depicted hostages cautiously making their way out of a first-floor window, where the police promptly attended to them.

According to officials at the news conference, it is believed that Mr Gordon used an assault rifle resembling an AR-15.

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