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Iran claimed to have warned Israel before the bombing, but the U.S. disputed


According to reports from Iranian and Iraqi officials, Iran notified Turkey, Jordan, and Iraq a few days before the drone and missile attack on Israel. However, U.S. officials have stated that Iran did not warn Washington and the attack was intended solely to cause significant damage.

As Iran claimed it carried out hundreds of drones and missiles on Saturday, it was a response to a suspected Israeli strike recently on its Syrian embassy compound.

Drones and missiles were in the majority of the cases when they got hit before they reached the Israeli territory, but a young girl was critically wounded. The concern of further escalation was apparent among the population.

The Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian told journalists on Sunday that Tehran gave a 72-hours72-hours notice to the neighbouring countries, such as the United States, which is an ally of Israel.

The Turkish Foreign Ministry stated that it had shared its concerns with both the United States and Iran before the attack to ensure proportionality in reactions.

A diplomatic source from Turkey stated that Iran's response to Israel's attack on its embassy in Damascus will not go beyond what has already happened. This response is considered logical, as it was expected, and there were no surprises.

One senior administration official in the U.S. President Joe Biden administration denied Amirabdollahian's statement, arguing that the U.S. did contact Iranians using Swiss intermediaries but did not receive a notice before 72 hours.

The official stated that while the statement may be accurate, no notification was provided, and there was no indication that specific targets should be treated equally.

Tehran, only after the strikes began, tried to convey a message to the United States, and the goal was to be "highly destructive," said the official, adding that Iran's claim of widespread warning may be a compensatory act for tantamount to damage from the attack.

During one hour, the Swiss relayed us a message from the Iranians. Although the message suggested they were done, the attack was still ongoing. As noted by a U.S. official, this was the message we received from them.

In a statement of their leaders, Iran warned the Iraqi, Turkish, and Jordanian officials about the attack last week, and even the details were given.

Drones, cruise missiles, and ballistic missiles in the strikes are very likely to result in a substantial number of injuries on top of escalating the conflict.

U.S. officials said on Friday and Saturday they expected an imminent attack and urged Iran against one, with Biden tersely saying his only message to Tehran was: "No."


Two Iraqi officials, one of whom is a government security adviser and the other is a Security Council official, mentioned that Iran had used diplomatic channels to inform Baghdad three days before the attack.

The precise target date was not announced then. Still, it was promptly transmitted to the Iraqi security and military personnel hours before the strikes, enabling Iraqi planes to stop their airspace from being used and avoid fatal accidents.

The Iranian officials told the government that the Americans knew beforehand about the attack. Concurred Maj. Gen. Ahmed al-Sahhouk, an Iraqi intelligence official.

A senior Jordanian official said that Iran had heated discussions with Arab envoys in Tehran, and he was informed that they intended to attack. However, they did not say when.

If Jordan had also asked about the targets and the kinds of weapons to be used, it would have been unclear whether this was so, but it seemed that it was.

A source familiar with the situation told the Iranian media that Iran had given advance notice to the U.S. through channels that included Switzerland, Qatar, and Turkey of their planned attack but that it would be done in a manner in which a response was unlikely.

To what extent unrestrained escalation will happen remains questionable. Biden has assured Israel that America will not appear to be supporting any Israeli retaliation, according to the U.S. official.

Israeli Interior Minister Benny Gantz said on Sunday that Israel is considering various options to respond to Iran's misdeeds and will exact the cost at a time and in a way that suits our choice.

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