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British PM: ‘Terrible’ Israel-Hamas conflict ‘Must End’ six months since October 7


The UK expresses support for Israel's efforts to combat a terror group while expressing deep concern over the ongoing violence.

Sunak emphasises the need for an immediate humanitarian pause, as it is crucial for the safe release of hostages and the delivery of aid.

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak expressed his strong stance on the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas, emphasising the urgent need for it to come to an end. He referred to the previous surprise attack by the terror group that sparked the fighting as a significant event that occurred six months ago.

"We firmly support Israel's efforts to combat the threat posed by Hamas terrorists and safeguard their security." In a statement, he expressed that the entire UK is in a state of shock due to the bloodshed.

The ongoing conflict needs to come to an end. The hostages must be set free. "The aid, which we have been working tirelessly to deliver through various means, must be urgently brought in," he emphasised.

On October 7, a devastating conflict erupted in Gaza, resulting in a staggering loss of life. The attack, led by Hamas, was carried out by Palestinian terrorists and tragically claimed the lives of approximately 1,200 individuals, the majority of whom were innocent civilians. According to reports, a significant number of hostages, approximately 130, are still being held in Gaza by the terrorists. Tragically, the Israeli army has confirmed the loss of over 30 lives among the hostages.

"Today signifies the passage of six months since the tragic terrorist incident on October 7th. This attack stands as one of the most horrific in Israel's history, resulting in the greatest loss of Jewish lives since the Second World War," stated Sunak.

Months have passed, yet the wounds inflicted upon Israel remain unhealed. The families continue to grieve while hostages remain in the custody of Hamas.

Sunak called for an urgent "humanitarian pause" in Gaza, emphasising the importance of a lasting and sustainable ceasefire.


According to experts, this method has proven to be the most efficient in ensuring the safe release of hostages, providing aid to those in need, and putting an end to violence and casualties.

"We will continue to strive for the achievement of peace, dignity, and security for both Israelis and Palestinians," he emphasised, highlighting the shared aspirations of both communities.

The British government has demanded complete transparency and an impartial investigation into the tragic deaths of seven aid workers in the Gaza Strip. The Israeli military has acknowledged the incident as a grave failure and has taken action by dismissing two high-ranking officers.

Among the casualties of Monday evening's Israeli airstrike, three of the seven individuals who tragically lost their lives were British nationals.

The deaths have intensified the pressure on the UK government to halt arms export licences to Israel.

In early May, a British Royal Navy ship will be providing aid to Gaza as part of an international effort to establish a new humanitarian maritime corridor, according to the British government.

According to British Foreign Minister David Cameron, a multinational effort, which includes the United States, Cyprus, and other partners, is underway to construct a new temporary pier off the coast of Gaza.

The situation in Gaza is extremely concerning, with the looming threat of famine becoming a harsh reality. In a statement, Cameron expressed his unwavering dedication to providing aid to those in dire need.

According to Cameron's office, he has promised a substantial amount of 9.7 million pounds ($12.26 million) to provide aid equipment and logistical expertise for the establishment of a maritime corridor from Cyprus to Gaza.

According to the foreign ministry, aid will be pre-screened in Cyprus and then transported directly to Gaza. This will be made possible through the construction of a new temporary pier off the coast or by utilising Ashdod Port, which Israel has agreed to open.

According to British Defence Minister Grant Shapps, a new temporary pier has been established on the coast of Gaza. This pier will serve as a crucial hub for cargo ships, enabling the delivery of aid by sea.

According to government sources, British military teams have been working closely with planning teams at the US operational headquarters in Tampa, Florida, and in Cyprus for several weeks. Their objective has been to develop a maritime route that prioritises safety and efficiency.

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