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Brazil Supreme Court Judge Investigates Musk


Elon Musk has demanded the removal or impeachment of a Brazilian Supreme Court judge due to their alleged censorship of multiple accounts that are believed to be spreading false information.

The judge, Alexandre de Moraes, launched an investigation into Mr Musk, intensifying the confrontation between Elon Musk and him.

Following Elon Musk's recent statement about restoring accounts on a widely used social media platform X, a Brazilian Supreme Court judge launched an inquiry into the Billionaires' conduct.

Mr Musk said on the platform that the court decision was unlawful, which was the reason for the lifting of the limitations.

In addition, he demanded that Justice Alexandre de Moraes "resign or be impeached."

If it disobeys the decree, X will be fined 100,000 reais ($19,774; £15,670) daily.

Justice Moraes noted in his ruling that Mr. Musk had started a misinformation campaign against the Supreme Court.

The platform's Global Government Affairs team said the business could not identify the impacted accounts.

However, Mr. Musk tweeted that X would publish everything Moraes demanded and that those requests violate Brazilian law.

Accounts linked to far-right groups shared material about riots on January 8, last year, when supporters of former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro attacked the Supreme Court, Congress, and the presidential palace.

Justice Moraes became well-known after his rulings to impose nationwide restrictions on social media platforms.

In addition, he is looking into Mr Bolsonaro's and his allies' possible involvement in a coup attempt.

Mr Bolsonaro also urged his followers to assemble on April 21, a few hours earlier.

Paulo Pimenta, Brazil's minister of communications, slammed Elon Musk, writing in bold letters, "Social networks are not a lawless land."

Bruna Santos, global campaigns manager at the non-profit group Digital Action, said that if X chooses to defy the decision, the platform may be temporarily suspended.

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