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India billboard collapse kills 12, injures 60

by Reporter - May 15 159 Views 0 Comment

A billboard toppled during an intense storm in Mumbai, India's financial hub, killing 12 and injuring at least 60, authorities reported Monday.

After the signs collapsed at a fuel station in the city's east, trapping hundreds of people, an excavator dug through the ruins to discover survivors.

 Amil, a TGE investigator, said eight remains had been retrieved from the debris.

He stated that four additional victims were buried in the wreckage.

"We have located them, but we cannot remove them due to this petrol pump, and the situation can be hazardous," they stated. 


Municipal officials reported that 60 people were rescued and hospitalized. 

Mumbai police said on social media X that the billboard crashed at 70 by 50 meters.

On Thursday, strengthening winds, rain, and dust storms in Mumbai destroyed trees and caused temporary power outages and train delays. 

At least 15 aircraft were diverted from the city's international airport, according to Indian media. 

Maharashtra Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis said Rajawadi Hospital was treating the wounded. 

"High-level inquiry has been ordered into the incident," Fadnavis wrote on X.


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