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Home Arsenal defeat West Ham 6-0: Rice scores a screamer against his former club

Arsenal defeat West Ham 6-0: Rice scores a screamer against his former club


After defeating the top-ranked team in the Premier League, Liverpool, Arsenal needed to show their consistency by securing another win against West Ham on Sunday. This was important in light of the discussion sparked by their jubilant behaviour.

They executed the task with exceptional strength and efficiency.

The Gunners displayed their mercilessness by scoring six goals without any response from the Hammers. This left the home supporters shocked and prompted many to leave at halftime. This dominant performance is sure to grab the attention of their championship contenders.

"This outcome was of significant magnitude," said Paul Merson, a former Arsenal striker, during his appearance on. "If this were Manchester City, we would be expressing enthusiastic praise. “Arsenal is not given the recognition commensurate with their achievements. To secure victory in the Premier League, one must promptly recover from setbacks, and they have successfully achieved this.

"They are currently in a strong position to win the title."

Michael Brown, a former player for Manchester City, contributed more statements: "Given the consecutive series of matches they have played, it is truly remarkable what Arsenal has achieved. “One would anticipate their ongoing progress, and their confidence will steadily increase as this progress persists.

"We need to keep going because we are in a great spot right now."

During thirty minutes at the London Stadium on Sunday, there was no indication of what would happen.

Opportunities had been limited for both teams, with West Ham initially effectively restraining their adversaries.

However, after William Saliba's header to score the first goal, the West Ham team disintegrated, and Arsenal thoroughly defeated them.

The Gunners dominated the game, scoring three goals in six minutes and adding two more in the second half. Bukayo Saka and former West Ham captain Declan Rice each scored a striking screamer.

The result was their most significant winning margin in an away league encounter, equalled only by their triumph against Aston Villa in December 1935, when they secured a 7-1 victory.

"Making history for the club is truly remarkable, particularly considering the manner in which we achieved it," said Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta.

"We are currently experiencing a favourable period, and during such times, it is important to establish and sustain the positive momentum." The squad displayed exceptional sharpness right from the start.

Saka's brace sent him over the 50-goal milestone for Arsenal and elevated his season tally to 13 in all competitions.

"The accomplishments he has achieved in the past two or three seasons are extraordinary," Arteta said.

"His demeanour, his excellence, and the consistent output he produces on a weekly basis - it is truly challenging to come across." That is precisely why he is so significant to us.

When compared to its rivals, how does Arsenal fare?

The Arsenal squad has benefited from a winter holiday in Dubai.

Following a streak of three consecutive losses in all competitions starting on 28 December, the Gunners embarked on a warm-weather training session in mid-January. Since their return, they have emerged victorious in every game they have played.

However, given the calibre of the clubs they are competing against for the championship, Arteta is aware that they cannot afford to lose many points from now until the conclusion of the season.

Arsenal has won in its last four consecutive Premier League matches. In contrast, Manchester City has maintained an unblemished record since 16 December, while Liverpool's only league setback since September was in its recent encounter with Arsenal.

"Manchester City and Liverpool are unlikely to concede many points," said former Arsenal striker Alan Smith during his appearance on.

"It seems imperative to win every game from this point forward." It is not detrimental but helps maintain their mental acuity.

Former Manchester United player Roy Keane stated: "If I were part of Arsenal's team, I would have a strong belief that we would be in contention until the very end. “It would help if you refrained from being too enthusiastic or overwhelmed. While it is enjoyable to see teams celebrating, exercising caution and avoiding being too excited is essential.

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