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Seven thousand public messages of support overwhelmed King Charles during his cancer diagnosis


7,000 cards of support King Charles received from his supporters during his cancer treatment, including comical ones, have greatly cheered him up.


The package contained a card featuring an image of a dog wearing a protective cone with the message: "At least you don't have to wear a cone!"


Other comments conveyed individuals' encounters with cancer and expressed hopes for the King's swift recovery.


The King expressed that he was moved to tears by the cards he received.


The most recent photographs and videos on social media depict him smiling while looking at cards intended to have a positive outlook.

Palace officials report that despite health worries, there has been "frequent laughter" with the dog providing particular amusement to the King.


The senders remain anonymous, although Pigment, the company that produced the card, informed us that it was one of their top-selling items. The card had been personalised with the King's name, and the company expressed their wish that it brought a smile to the King's face.


Messages of support are being placed in the red boxes that contain the King's daily paperwork.


A well-wisher expressed their support for your diagnosis and treatment, sending prayers and well wishes for a quick recovery.


Keep your chin up, stand tall, stay optimistic, and do not allow anything to discourage you. Another individual stated, "It works, but family is the most important factor."


Several messages are from individuals confronting their concerns about cancer. 


Rebecca Stead from Macmillan Cancer Support stated that receiving a cancer diagnosis is a significant event in one's life, and there is no correct or incorrect way to react.

Experiencing various emotions in succession is entirely typical. Many individuals will certainly experience uncertainty or worry.


The King's candidness on his cancer diagnosis has been commended for its role in breaking down societal taboos associated with the sickness

Macmillan said that the King's public acknowledgement of his sickness increased people seeking information.


Macmillan's online information sites had 50,000 hits on the day the King's diagnosis was released, marking a 40% increase from the regular traffic.


In 2023, data from the revealed that cancer waiting times for NHS patients in England were the most severe on record.


The King has withdrawn from public engagements but remains active as head of state, maintaining frequent talks with the prime minister.


The most recent photographs from Buckingham Palace were captured on Wednesday in preparation for the meeting with Rishi Sunak.


When the prime minister complimented the King's appearance, he dismissed it humorously by stating, "It's all done by mirrors."


The King frequently used humour, as he was a devoted follower of The Goons and participated in comic performances at university.

The King was reportedly touched by homemade cards from children in his present situation, particularly by the message: "Never give up."


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