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Israel raided al-Shifa hospital in Gaza overnight with tanks and heavy gunfire


According to an Israel Defence Forces spokesperson, the IDF conducts an exact operation in specific hospital sections.

According to the IDF, there are reports of senior Hamas soldiers regrouping inside the hospital and allegedly using it as a base to launch attacks.

Witnesses inside the complex in Gaza City recounted a scene of chaos and fear.

"Tanks currently surround us. We are taking cover within the confines of the tent. We can hear tank fire in the vicinity of the compound," a man reported in a recorded call with his brother, which was shared on a WhatsApp group and later heard.

Reports of intense gunfire near the hospital have surfaced in a video shared on social media, although their authenticity has yet to be confirmed.

In a recent voice message received by journalists, Muhammad Al-Sayyid provided an update from inside the hospital, stating that there are soldiers present within the complex. Reports indicate casualties and injuries, with several young men being apprehended by the soldiers. The situation here is dire.

The IDF did not provide any prior indication of its intentions to initiate a new operation at Al-Shifa.

In a video message released in the early hours, Rear Adm Daniel Hagari, the IDF chief spokesperson, stated that the Israeli military was responding to specific intelligence that required immediate attention.

According to his statement, the hospital will remain operational throughout the raid, and he assured patients and staff that evacuation is unnecessary.

According to the official, individuals seeking refuge at the facility can depart the hospital using an evacuation route. The official then urged Hamas to surrender promptly.

The Gaza health ministry, which Hamas controls, strongly condemned the operation, labelling it as a clear breach of international humanitarian law.

A large number of Palestinians who have been displaced are currently seeking refuge at the hospital, which was targeted by Israeli forces during the on-going conflict.

Gaza's main medical facility, Al-Shifa Hospital, has faced significant disruptions to its operations following months of intense fighting.

According to international humanitarian law, hospitals are granted protected status during war. However, this protection can be revoked in certain situations if the hospital is utilized to carry out detrimental actions against the enemy.

Israel has consistently alleged that Hamas utilizes medical facilities as a disguise for its activities, a claim that the Iranian-backed armed group vehemently denies.

In November 2023, during its raid on al-Shifa, the IDF uncovered a network of tunnels beneath the hospital that Hamas allegedly used. Additionally, weapons were reportedly discovered during the operation.

In February, Israeli troops conducted a significant military operation at Nasser Hospital, which is one of Gaza's most prominent medical facilities.

According to reports, doctors who were present during the raid have claimed that they were detained, blindfolded, and subjected to physical violence. These allegations have caught the attention of UK Foreign Secretary Lord Cameron, who is now demanding answers from the Israeli authorities.

During its raid into Nasser Hospital, the IDF reported the discovery of weapons and evidence suggesting that hostages had been held at the facility.

In response to a deadly attack by Hamas gunmen, the Israeli military has initiated a campaign in Gaza, resulting in casualties and the taking of hostages. According to Gaza's health ministry, the number of casualties in the Palestinian territory has surpassed 31,300.

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