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Trump defeats Nikki Haley in her home state of South Carolina in the Republican primary


Donald Trump has won the South Carolina GOP primary over Nikki Haley.


The ex-president's victory was forecasted at 7 pm on Saturday after the polls concluded.


Mr. Trump won decisively against Ms. Haley in her native state, where she held the position of governor from 2011 to 2017.


Former U.N. Ambassador Haley suffered another defeat in her ongoing battle against Mr. Trump, despite her will to persevere despite numerous primary losses.


Ms. Haley remained determined even after being defeated by the "none of these candidates" option on Nevada vote papers earlier this month.


She reaffirmed her commitment to continue running for office, stating that she is determined to keep her promise regardless of the outcome in South Carolina.


During his nearly 90-minute speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference in National HarbourMarylandMr Trump likened migrants to Hannibal Lecter, suggesting they are coming from "insane asylums."


The ex-president discussed his campaign against Biden on Saturday, stating that "migrant crime" is a "new type of crime."


Trump challenges Haley on border security, exit polls show.


Exit polls indicated that Donald Trump had outmanoeuvred Nikki Haley on immigration and border security.


In South Carolina37% of voters considered immigration their primary concern. 82% of the voters favoured Mr. Trump, while only 18% supported Ms. Haley. Of the 66% of voters who support deporting undocumented immigrants to their home countries, 77% voted for Mr. Trump.


During campaign rallies, Ms Haley has asserted her strict stance on immigration, while Republicans are sceptical. Mr. Trump's campaign recently launched a T.V. ad called "Weakness," alleging that Ms. Haley criticized the former president's Muslim immigration restriction and raised doubts about the necessity of a border wall with Mexico. labelled the commercial as misleading, pointing out that while Ms Haley supported a wall, she would have preferred a more specific ban than the one implemented by Mr Trump.


Nevertheless, his assaults have been effective, which is not a good sign for Ms. Haley's chances in a party that is becoming more focused on the issue of migrants crossing the border.


Nikki Haley and JD Vance finish last in the CPAC vice president straw poll; Ramaswamy and Kristi Noem tie.


As if Saturday could not be any more brutal for Nikki Haley as she lost the presidential primary in her home state of South Carolina, the final day of the Conservative Political Action Conference showed movement conservatives do not want her to be Donald Trump's running mate.


CPAC closed by showing the final results of the CPAC straw poll, which the former Trump adviser said would be to determine who would "ride shotgun" with Mr Trump.


South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, who spoke at the conference on Friday, tied with former presidential candidate and businessman Vivek Ramaswamy, who headlined CPAC's Reagan Dinner on Friday and said again on Saturday after Mr Trump, at 15% each.


Former congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, who has touted her exit from the Democratic Party and spoke on Friday, got second place, with nine percent of attendees at CPAC supporting her to become Mr Trump's running mate.


South Carolina Senator Tim Scott, a former presidential candidate who has since endorsed Mr Trump, and House Republican Conference Chairwoman Elise Stefanik, the moderate-turned-MAGA New Yorker, clocked in at 8%.


However, Ms Haley, who spoke at CPAC last year but served as the butt of jokes by many at the conference, only won 2% of the vote, tying her with Ohio Senator JD Vance, who spoke for a sit-down interview at CPAC this year.


McLaughlin & Associates, who serves as Mr Trump's pollsters, ran the survey, giving it an imprimatur of Trump support, even if it is not scientific.


Trump must work despite his South Carolina primary triumph.


In his victory speech, Donald Trump expressed his anticipation for a November general election face-off with Democratic president Joe Biden. He intentionally avoided mentioning Nikki Haley's name, possibly to give the impression that the primary race had concluded.


Although it seems unlikely that Ms. Haley can secure the nomination from Mr. Trump, his victory in South Carolina concealed a division within the party that shows no signs of resolving.


Ms. Haley was projected to receive approximately 40% of the vote, surpassing the expectations of polls. In New Hampshire last month, she received approximately 43% of the vote.


"Forty percent is a significant portion," she informed her fans on Saturday. "Many voters in our Republican primaries are expressing a desire for an alternative candidate."


Ms. Haley's support in both states may have been increased by moderates or Democrats who participated in the Republican primary to prevent Mr. Trump from winning.


In South CarolinaMs Haley received the majority of votes from first-time Republican primary voters, as reported by exit polls conducted by Edison Research. 69% of individuals who identified as moderates voted for her.


For Mr Trump, it indicates there remains a big part of the Republican electorate - as well as a large share of independent voters - that he presumably will need to win over if he is going to defeat Biden. There needs to be more indication that the former president is actively trying to attract them.


'I have never seen the Republican Party so united.'


Trump asserted that he had never witnessed such a high level of unity within the Republican Party as he delivered his victory address immediately after the votes closed. He stated there is a window of 15 minutes for celebration before returning to work.


South Carolina's primary, the first in the South, has consistently been a dependable indicator for Republicans. Since 1980, the Republican candidate who won the primary in South Carolina has become the party's nominee in all but one instance. Newt Gingrich in 2012 was the only exception.


In recent days, Haley announced her intention to go directly to Michigan for its Tuesday primary, the final significant competition before Super Tuesday. She ponders where she could excel in a competition or demonstrate competitiveness.


Trump and Biden are already conducting themselves as if they anticipate competing against each other in November.


Maga fans boo Lindsey Graham as Trump presents him at South Carolina victory party.


Senator Lindsey Graham faced a nasty reception in his home state when he appeared with Donald Trump at his victory address in South Carolina on Saturday night.


After winning the South Carolina Republican presidential primary, the former president invited Senator Graham on stage, surpassing his challenger Nikki Haley, who served as state governor from 2011 to 2017.


'He is the most qualified individual to serve as President of the United States.' Graham comments on Trump.


Nikki Haley loses South Carolina Republican primary to Trump.


According to the Associated Press, Nikki Haley is expected to lose to former president Donald Trump in the South Carolina GOP primary.


In her native state, where Ms. Haley was governor from 2011 to 2017, Mr. Trump won as predicted. CNN reported that Mr. Trump had over 60% of the vote less than half an hour after polls closed.


The former U.N. ambassador has pledged to oppose Mr. Trump despite her several first-round defeats. Even after losing to the candidate designated as "none of these candidates" on Nevada ballot papers earlier this month, Ms. Haley remained unwavering going into the race on Saturday.


Speaking at Clemson University earlier this week, Ms. Haley discussed her intention to stay in the presidential campaign.


"South Carolina is going to cast its ballot on Saturday," she informed the crowd. However, I will still be a presidential candidate on Sunday. I will not be leaving. I will continue to campaign every day until the very last voter.


Trump and his supporters are rejoicing in the interim.


"I would like you all to remember this moment that you were here," Governor Henry McMaster of South Carolina remarked during Mr. Trump's victory celebration.


He said, "This is an incredible time in American history." It is unlikely that we will ever see another one like it. Each time a rocket takes off. It begins slowly and climbs steadily until, all of a sudden, the following stage appears and goes smoothly—we have just reached our maximum speed. Shall we continue all the way?


Trump has won all Republican delegate contests.


On Saturday, Donald Trump emerged victorious in the Republican primary in South Carolina, defeating Nikki Haley, the former ambassador to the United Nations, in her home state and paving the way for a third consecutive GOP nomination.


Trump has won all Republican delegates-counting contests, including those in Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. With the former president's most recent win, Haley—who served as Trump's U.N. Ambassador and governor of South Carolina from 2011 to 2017—will probably face more pressure to withdraw from the campaign.



It is more likely that President Joe Biden and Donald Trump will face off in the 2020 general election. While conducting many more campaign events and claiming that the indictments against Trump will hinder him against BidenHaley has pledged to stay in the race through at least the round of primaries on March 5, often known as Super Tuesday. Despite this, she needed help to slow down Trump's momentum in her home state.


As the polls closed across the state at 7 pm, the Associated Press announced Trump as the winner. Based on an examination of A.P. Vote Cast, a thorough survey of Republican South Carolina primary voters, the A.P. made its race call. The poll supports pre-election day polling that showed Trump leading Haley significantly across the state.


Nikki Haley's home-state comeback failed. Now what?


Nikki Haley has the opportunity tonight to demonstrate that this is still competitive. She was unsuccessful.


South Carolina cast their votes today. It is the fifth Republican primary or caucus, following victories by frontrunner Donald Trump in three prior states and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Now, the competition has shifted to Ms. Haley's home turf.


Typically, a well-known two-term governor and former U.N. ambassador would be expected to win in her home state. Ms Haley enters her Charleston election night event trailing by 30 points in all polls and facing challenges in gaining support from the conservative Republican base, which strongly supports Mr Trump.


Ms. Haley required a miracle this evening. Her campaign faces a disadvantage in the polls in every state as Super Tuesday approaches. She has the fundraising momentum of a contender with strong support. However, she has not shown any indicators of winning in any specific state.


Donald Trump has emerged victorious in every state up to this point. He is expected to win in every state in the future. In 2016, he lost multiple states, including Texas, where many delegates supported Ted Cruz instead. Nevertheless, he emerged victorious.


South Carolina's presidential nominating process is not the final one, and Nikki Haley has stated that she will only withdraw from the race at least after Super Tuesday.


Haley stays in the GOP 2024 race despite losing South Carolina.


Despite losing badly to former president Donald Trump in her home state primary, former governor of South Carolina Nikki Haley has vowed to continue her pursuit of the Republican presidential candidature.


In the Palmetto State, where Ms. Haley was governor from 2011 to 2017, Mr. Trump won as predicted. Two hours after the polls closed, predictions indicated that he would receive around 60% of the vote, with Ms. Haley receiving approximately 40%. The former president's chances of winning the Republican presidential nomination in 2024 are further enhanced by his primary victories.


At her watch party in Charleston, South Carolina, barely ninety minutes after the polls closed, Ms. Haley promised to stick in the race while addressing a gathering of media and supporters.


Her fans applauded when she added, "I said earlier this week that no matter what happens in South Carolina, I would continue to run." "As a woman, I keep my word."


When most Americans disapprove of Donald Trump and Joe Biden, she continued, "I am not giving up this fight."


Additionally, the former governor of South Carolina congratulated Mr. Trump on his win.

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