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Boris Johnson flew to Venezuela for a private meeting with the country's leader


Former UK Prime Minister PM Boris Johnson flew to Venezuela in February to meet Nicolas Maduro.


Mr Johnson flew to Venezuela for the meeting in a private jet while on vacation in the Caribbean.


According to a representative for Mr Johnson, the objective of the visit was to "emphasise the need for Venezuela to embrace a proper democratic process," the BBC was informed.


In 2018, Mr Maduro was re-elected after judges barred his main rivals from running, throwing the nation into a dire political and economic situation.


A movement for change that has faded over the past few years was led by the majority of opposition parties, who refused to accept the election results and challenged Mr Maduro's rule by forming an interim government.


Since then, Venezuela has been under intense international pressure to hold a free and fair election.


Additionally, Venezuela authorised a referendum last year to assert its sovereignty over a mineral- and oil-rich region of neighbouring Guyana, a claim that Guyana contests.


Guyanese President Irfaan Ali met with British Minister for the Americas and Caribbean David Rutley in December to emphasise the UK government's support for Guyana.


Mr Johnson's representative said he "repeatedly made clear there can be no hope of normalisation in relations until Venezuela fully embraces democracy and respects the territorial integrity of its neighbours."


"He also presented the Venezuelan government with the reasons behind the victory of Ukraine."


Additionally, the spokesman informed the broadcaster that neither the Venezuelan government nor UK taxpayers paid for the trip.

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