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Donald Trump and Biden win four primaries, including Wisconsin


Joe Biden and Donald Trump both emerged victorious in primary elections across four states, including the highly significant battleground state of Wisconsin.


The primary elections held in Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, and Wisconsin on Tuesday were crucial, as they offered a significant number of delegates.


Both Biden and Trump have successfully secured enough delegates to secure their nominations. However, the turnout may offer valuable insights into the upcoming general election in November.


It is worth noting that the anti-war protest garnered a significant number of primary votes. What will unfold in the future?


Voters had the opportunity to express their dissatisfaction with the candidates. Connecticut and Rhode Island provided voters with the chance to vote "uncommitted" in the primary, while Wisconsin offered a similar option called "uninstructed delegation." Wisconsin Democrats will be closely monitoring the turnout for the "uninstructed delegation" as progressive activists have initiated a campaign urging voters to withhold their support from the US president in protest of his handling of the war in Gaza.


The Listen to Wisconsin campaign has garnered support from a variety of individuals, including rank-and-file union members and a prominent group of low-wage and immigrant workers in the state. This campaign draws inspiration from similar initiatives in Michigan and Minnesota.


These voters are crucial for Biden's success in the upcoming election. Any decrease in their support could potentially pose challenges for him in Wisconsin, a state where he

narrowly defeated Trump in 2020. In the 2016 election, the former president emerged victorious over Hillary Clinton by a narrow margin of 0.8 points in Wisconsin. As the upcoming autumn approaches, he aims to replicate that success once again.


The polls in Connecticut and Rhode Island closed at 8 pm ET, while in New York and Wisconsin, they closed at 9 pm ET. Shortly after, the results started coming in, giving Biden a clearer picture of his position in the battleground state.


As the presidential nominees have been finalised, Wisconsin Republicans are directing their attention towards two ballot measures concerning election management in the state. The initial proposal prompts consideration regarding the elimination of private funds in election administration, while the subsequent inquiry pertains to the exclusive involvement of legally designated election officials in the execution of primaries, elections, and referendums.


Republicans have been urging their supporters to vote "yes" on both measures, as they faced numerous obstacles from Wisconsin's Democratic governor, Tony Evers, in their attempts to modify election regulations. Republican leaders have voiced strong objections to the grant money that Wisconsin election officials received from the nonprofit Centre for Tech and Civic Life in 2020 to tackle the difficulties posed by the coronavirus pandemic.


Some leaders have criticised the grant money, referring to it as "Zuckerbucks". The funds were donated by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan, to support election offices nationwide in 2020.


Some Republicans assert that eliminating this funding is crucial for maintaining voters' confidence in election outcomes, while Democrats caution that approving this measure could further strain government offices that are already dealing with budget cuts. Democrats have raised concerns about the wording of the second ballot question, claiming it lacks clarity. They have also accused Republicans of trying to discourage nonpartisan voting rights groups from carrying out their typical registration and turnout initiatives in the state.


Ben Wickler, chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, criticised Republicans for prioritising a seemingly pointless amendment to appease Donald Trump instead of focusing on providing necessary resources for election clerks, according to a statement he made last month.


Our elections in Wisconsin are safe and secure, thanks to the long-standing state law and the dedicated service of thousands of elections officials in municipalities across the state. It is important to consider that Donald Trump's false claims regarding his defeat in the 2020 election should not have an influence on the content of our state constitution.

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