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Music superstar Toby Keith dies at 62


Country singer Toby Keith died aged 62, according to his website.

Keith earlier disclosed that he had received a diagnosis of stomach cancer, a battle he described as "debilitating."

The comment indicated that he engaged in his battle with elegance and poise.

Throughout a career spanning over 30 years, millions of people enjoyed songs such as "Your Daddy" and "Made in America.” “His wife, Tricia Lucus, and three children continue to live after him.

Keith said that he had undergone chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery as part of his cancer treatment. He expressed his acceptance of whatever outcome regarding his disease.

Hailing from Oklahoma, he toiled in the oil fields. He pursued a semi-professional career in American Football before making a name for himself as a musician during the 1990s.

Released in 1993, his first song, "Should Have Been a Cowboy," won the top spot on the charts. The song idealizes the cowboy way of life, explicitly mentioning singing cowboys Gene Autry and Roy Rogers.

Subsequent albums in the artist's discography included Blue Moon, Pull My Chain and Unleashed.

Keith's compositions often alluded to nationalistic motifs, notably shown by the song "Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue (The Angry American)," published immediately after the 9/11 attacks. This song garnered criticism due to its considered chauvinistic lyrics.

The song received criticism from the Dixie Chicks, fellow country music performers. The conflict persisted for many months until Keith declared there were "significantly more significant matters" to prioritise.

Throughout his career, he performed on several occasions hosted by multiple US presidents, including George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and Donald Trump. In 2021, Mr. Trump bestowed Keith with a National Medal of the Arts.

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