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21st February: International Mother Language Day

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International Mother Language Day 2024 emphasizes the crucial role of language in communication. Respecting, acknowledging, and understanding each other's language is vital for efficient communication.

The globe is abundant in languagescivilizations, and customs. Languages also differ in dialects. As you go, the dialects and languages vary every few km.

The complexity of variety in the world might be bewildering, but it offers opportunities for collaboration and connection. Bangladesh symbolizes linguistic and cultural uniqueness due to the dialects spoken nationwide. 

February 21: Observance of International Mother Language Day:

The initiative for International Mother Language Day originated in Bangladesh. As we celebrate the important day, here are some key things regarding the day:

International Mother Language Day is celebrated annually on February 21, and this year, it occurs on a Wednesday.


February 21, 1952, marks a significant moment in history when Bengali students and protestors lost their lives while fighting for the recognition of their language as Pakistan's official language. This movement ultimately led to the independence of Bangladesh. In November 1999, the UNESCO General Conference declared International Mother Language Day, which the UN General Assembly later embraced.


The subject for this year's International Mother Language Day is Multilingual education – a cornerstone of learning and intergenerational learning. Preserving languages in multilingual and multicultural cultures is essential for maintaining traditional knowledge and cultural legacy.

Linguistic diversity is increasingly at risk due to the disappearance of additional languages. Currently, more than 90% of the population in some places lacks access to education in their original language, whereas 40% face this issue globally.

Studies emphasize the advantages of including students' mother tongues in school, improving learning results, self-confidence, and analytical thinking abilities. The United Nations said on its official website that this technique promotes intergenerational learning and cultural preservation.

The Prime Minister of Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina, said that the language of education in educational institutions should be the mother tongue of all people. "I believe education should be delivered in our mother tongue." "Furthermore, there should be opportunities to acquire knowledge of additional languages," she said.

The prime minister made this statement at the inauguration of a four-day International Mother Language Institute program in Segunbagicha to commemorate Martyrs' Day and International Mother Language Day 2024.

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