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Sunil Narine helps KKR score IPL's second-highest total


Sunil Narine's impressive innings of 85 runs off 39 balls contributed to Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) achieving the second-highest total in the history of the Indian Premier League (IPL) and defeating Delhi Capitals (DC) by a massive margin of 106 runs.

Angkrish Raghuvanshi, a former Under-19 star, had a noteworthy debut in the IPL by scoring 54 runs off 27 balls.


Sunil Narine's success depends on his keen observation skills and precise bat technique, while Russell excels in sheer physical strength.


Narine's batting might be aggressive, but it is done with skill and strategy. With extensive experience as a very skilled T20 bowler, he has a deep understanding of a bowler's thought process, particularly when they are consistently hit for boundaries. Implementing the two-bouncer-an-over rule was anticipated to provide challenges for batters who rely on planting their front foot and predicting the overall trajectory of the ball, allowing them to swing freely.


However, Narine demonstrated an astute perception of the bowlers' intentions throughout the match in Visakhapatnam on Wednesday. When the bowlers delivered short balls, he would either move out from the line to hit them squarely in front of the wicket, directly down the pitch, or cut or slash the balls through the off-side.

The DC bowlers provided many opportunities by bowling wide deliveries, and Captain Rishabh Pant lacked the confidence to use the review system appropriately. Twice, Pant made mistakes by being too cautious, incorrectly supposing that he had caught the ball on its margins.

Khaleel Ahmed and Ishant Sharma had exceptional bowling skills against Chennai Super Kings at the same site on Sunday, rendering the opposition nearly unable to play. However, in their subsequent match, they were less effective.


Narine created more width for himself by deliberately moving his front leg and skilfully using the outside edge of his bat when the bowler did not provide the width. Even though one hand disengaged from the bat, the ball managed to go beyond the boundary.

The bowlers from DC attempted to bowl outside his swing trajectory, which led to the stumps not being struck when he failed to make contact. A total of 88 runs were scored during the Power play.


At one point, he had a chance to get the first century of the season, scoring at a rate of more than two runs per ball, but a short ball eventually dismissed him from Mitchell Marsh.


Russel wields his bat forcefully, positioning himself well back in the crease to handle the delivery aimed at a longer distance. One has empathy for the ball at the bat's impact. Any fielder would hesitate before obstructing a powerful strike. Even the hits that didn't make contact with the bat's centre still travelled a long distance.



Youthful and gifted



Angkrish Raghuvanshi, a prominent player on the Indian team that won the U-19 World Cup in 2022, demonstrated his ability to perform under pressure in the IPL tournament.


The player's brilliance was apparent from the first ball, as he casually hit a short delivery from the fast bowler Anrich Nortje over the fielder positioned at short fine-leg. The subsequent shot demonstrated that the 18-year-old has comparable skill on the off-side, as he executed a magnificent back-foot punch beyond the point fielder.


Raghuvanshi showed coolness by skilfully identifying openings that needed a delicate touch, such as when medium-pacer Sumit Kumar provided him with an opportunity by bowling broad, allowing Raghuvanshi to exploit the gap between the fielders positioned at short-third and point inside the inner circle.


Rinku Singh has shown this skill before, and his impressive performance last season earned him a spot on the Indian team.


However, the challenge lies in being able to replicate this success consistently. He has gained recognition as a skilled closer and once again shown his abilities by scoring 26 runs with the last eight balls of the match. Russell was positioned on the other side; however, Rinku was determined not to deliver the ball to him.


Rinku scored the most of his runs on Wednesday during the 19th over, which Anrich Nortje delivered. The South African bowler experienced the full force of Rinku's powerful left-handed batting.

A total of 25 runs were scored in the over, and Rinku even got out on the penultimate ball. Rinku demonstrated his ability to hit sixes by sending two shots over wide long-off and one shot over third man. When he cannot locate the stands, he discovers openings in the field that allow him to score four runs.

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