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Severe hailstorms in Sylhet raised fears concerning damage to crops


Severe hailstorms hit the Sylhet and Sunamganj districts in Bangladesh on Sunday, raising significant concerns about potential damage to crops, homes, and vehicles as well as the safety of people.

A powerful storm hit Sylhet city and the surrounding areas at around 10:15 pm, causing much destruction. A hailstorm followed the storm, which added to the chaos and damage. As a result, people on the streets, including pedestrians and those out shopping for Eid, faced considerable inconvenience.

The heavy hailstones caused severe damage, shattering the glass of cars, CNG-run auto-rickshaws, and other vehicles. The impact also injured several people and caused significant harm to tin sheds and poorly built houses.

After a hailstorm hit Sylhet, social media users were amazed and posted about it. Many people shared pictures of damaged cars, and some described the impact of the hailstorm on their homes. They mentioned damage to windows and tin roofs in particular.

However, the weather bulletin from The Bangladesh Meteorological Department did not update information about the extensive hailstorm in Sylhet in its 72-hour forecast.

In Sunamganj, a sense of fear looms as reports emerge of at least five individuals being injured due to the storm. The potential loss of life is a grave concern in the area. The electricity supply in Sunamganj was completely disrupted until 1 am on Monday.

A journalist and publisher named Mr. Amil Ahmed was present in Laldigirpar during the recent storm in Sylhet. According to him, the hailstones that fell during the storm reminded him of his childhood. He expressed his concern about the potential damage to people, properties, vehicles, and crops due to the large size of the hailstones.

A resident of Baluchar of Sylhet city named Suleiman expressed his astonishment at the recent hailstorm, stating that the size of the hailstones was unlike anything he had seen before. The hailstones caused significant damage to numerous houses in the neighbourhood and shattered the glasses of his car.

A tree in the Kalibari area of Sylhet city fell on a moving CNG auto-rickshaw, injuring the driver and five more people.

Reports from Sunamganj indicate that the recent storm caused significant damage to mud-built and tin-shed houses. Farmers expressed concerns about potential damage to early varieties of paddy in the haors due to hailstorms.

Transportation on both sides of the Sylhet-Sunamganj road stopped as multiple trees fell, leading to severe traffic congestion. After approximately an hour, the road was once again made passable due to the diligent efforts of the fire service rescue team.

Dr Nirupon Roy Chowdhury, a medical officer at Sunamganj Sadar Hospital, has reported that five patients were admitted to the hospital due to injuries sustained during the storm. Among the patients, a young man named Saddam is in critical condition and has been referred to Sylhet MAG Osmani Medical College and Hospital.

A powerful storm hit Sunamganj at 10:15 pm, accompanied by lightning and hailstones. Trees, electric poles, and several houses were damaged, but no significant destruction was reported.

Bimol Chandra Shome, the deputy director of the Sunamganj Agricultural Extension Department, has reported that a moderate hailstorm is currently accompanying the storm. Potential damage to the early varieties of paddy in the (haor) freshwater wetlands is possible.

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