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Rishi Sunak and Sir Kier Starmer share Easter messages for voters


Sir Keir Starmer, who aims to be in 10 Downing Street by the end of the year, used his message to encourage people to reflect on 'our future and how things can change for the better' during Easter.

Rishi Sunak praised the work of Christians in his Easter message., while Keir Starmer emphasised the sense of optimism and new beginnings this holiday brings.

The Easter messages released by the party leaders coincide with the upcoming local polls on 2 May, which could provide valuable insights into the potential success of the Conservative and Labour parties in the upcoming general election.

"The Easter story embodies themes of hope and renewal, triumphing over adversity, and the triumph of light over darkness," Mr Starmer remarked.

As we come together to commemorate the holiday, our focus shifts towards the possibilities of new beginnings and a brighter future.

Emphasising the significance of faith. It is a space where individuals can invest a significant part of their lives and discover solace, optimism, and a feeling of stability.

This Easter, I want to extend my heartfelt appreciation to the Christian community in the UK and beyond for their incredible generosity and unwavering compassion.

During this period of hope and a fresh start, I thank them for their contributions and extend warm wishes to those celebrating a joyous Easter.

Additionally, the prime minister commended the efforts of Christians in various communities throughout the UK and expressed solidarity with those experiencing pain and hardship globally.

"This weekend, as individuals gather to commemorate and contemplate the significance of the Easter festival, I would like to express my admiration for the remarkable contributions of Christians in our nation," he expressed.

To the churches, charities, volunteers, and fundraisers who exemplify the principles of compassion, charity, and selflessness by providing support to those in need and embodying the true meaning of "loving thy neighbour."

It is essential to acknowledge the global suffering and the plight of Christians who are unable to celebrate Easter due to persecution freely.

For many individuals in the UK, Easter provides a valuable occasion to contemplate and appreciate the company of loved ones while also celebrating the arrival of spring.

As the weekend approaches, I extend my warmest wishes for a joyous and tranquil Easter to all.

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