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Trent Boult supports Hardik Pandya: Boos won't last long


Rajasthan fast bowler Trent Boult supported his former teammate Hardik Pandya on Sunday, offering him advice to stay focused and not let the negative attention from the crowd affect him.


Trent Boult, the fast bowler for RR, offered his support to Hardik Pandya, the captain of MI, urging him to stay focused and not let the noise from the crowd distract him. Pandya, currently at the helm of the Mumbai Indians, has encountered a rather unpleasant reception from the crowd during IPL matches in Ahmedabad and Hyderabad.


Following his return from Gujarat, Pandya assumed the captaincy of MI, a move that has yet to be met with enthusiasm from fans. Boult provided valuable guidance to Pandya, reminding him to stay focused despite the external pressures and criticism.


As professional athletes, exposure to specific factors is simply part of the game and beyond your control. Blocking out distractions and maintaining focus is crucial, as Boult acknowledged during his media interaction at the Wankhede Stadium. However, putting this into practice is often more challenging than it sounds. Boult believes that the crowd's adverse reaction will diminish as time goes on. He also encourages Pandya to stay calm and not let it get to him.


There is no denying the immense passion of fans in this country. When it comes to Hardik, he truly stands out as one of my favorite Indian cricketers. The booing he is facing will not last much longer. Boult believes that the individual can set aside distractions and focus intensely on the task. "My initial encounter with him, Parag, occurred during a pre-match practice session in the IPL bubble when the tournament was held in Mumbai a few years back."


During a recent media interview before the Royals' training session, Boult could not help but express his admiration for the player, scoring 85 runs off just 30 balls. In Boult's eyes, this player's performance was extraordinary.


"It is clear that there is much excitement surrounding his early success in the tournament this year." He has consistently been regarded as a thrilling player to observe, so naturally, it is incredibly gratifying to witness a player perform at his best," he remarked. "Without a doubt, he has a significant role in fulfilling for our team in this tournament," Boult emphasized.


Boult commended Burger for effortlessly navigating through the demanding white-ball tournament of the IPL despite his limited experience. "Nandre is a promising player whom I recently had the pleasure of meeting. He possesses impressive speed and skills on the bowling front, which can be attributed to his experience in South Africa, where the playing conditions are notably distinct," Boult commented.

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