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BUET Students Choose to Boycott Exam


Today, students from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) have refrained from congregating near the Shaheed Minar on the BUET campus despite their ongoing demonstrations against the assembly of BCL activists and leaders. 


According to their declaration, they are abstaining from participating in any academic endeavours, including the term final examinations set for today. 


I did not see any students there during my visit to the location at around 8:00 am. The security personnel at the academic facilities reported that the students had yet to arrive to take the examination. 


Despite the prohibition of political activities on the BUET campus after the murder of Abrar Fahad on 7 October 2019, leaders and activists from the Bangladesh Chhatra League (BCL) visited the campus on Wednesday night. They engaged in political activities. The BCL is the student front of Bangladesh Awami League's ruling party. 


The students of BUET have taken a significant step by boycotting all academic activities, including the term final examinations scheduled for 30 and 31 March. This protest is a direct response to the admission of BCL leaders and activists, highlighting the gravity of the situation. 


An anonymous student, who wishes to remain unnamed, stated that despite the planned start of the protest at 7:00 am, it had not yet begun due to unforeseen circumstances.


According to a student, there are well-laid plans to hold a news conference at the Shaheed Minar at BUET. This platform would be used to present their statements and further their cause, demonstrating the students' readiness for a protracted protest


Simultaneously, the BCL is orchestrating a protest advocating for the reinstatement of student politics at BUET.

They also demonstrate against the BUET authorities' decision that they believe contravenes constitutional principles, fundamental rights, and education. The central Shaheed Minar is hosting a meeting of leaders and activists from the BCL, adding another layer of complexity to the ongoing situation

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