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Taiwan earthquake: Mountain Rained rocks like bullets


Efforts are underway in Taiwan to assist over 600 individuals who found themselves stranded following the island's most severe earthquake in a quarter of a century.

A survivor has shared a harrowing account of the devastating rockslides that occurred during his time working at a coal mine.

A powerful earthquake with a magnitude of 7.4 struck near the eastern county of Hualien, resulting in the tragic loss of nine lives and leaving over 1,000 individuals injured.

Helicopters have managed to rescue some individuals who were trapped in tunnels and near a national park, but unfortunately, there are still 34 people who remain missing.

There was a significant increase in the official count of individuals who were trapped or stranded. The number rose from approximately 100 to 663 on Thursday, as residents in the mountainous areas began to regain phone signal.

The majority of individuals currently at the hotel are guests and staff members who find themselves unable to depart due to the roads being damaged. Authorities are currently strategising the most effective approach to safely extract them.

According to local reports, food supplies have been air-dropped to dozens of people who are trapped in these areas.


It was a terrifying scene as rocks rained down from the mountain, resembling bullets. With no haven in sight, panic ensued and people desperately sought cover behind sandbags, recounted Chu, a survivor who spoke to Taiwan's Central News Agency.


Three individuals tragically lost their lives while hiking on a trail near Taroko National Park, which is renowned for its breathtaking gorge. The incident occurred in the vicinity of Hualien.


Relief efforts in Hualien City, the capital of the county affected by the earthquake, are making swift progress. Workers are utilising excavators and other heavy machinery to efficiently demolish numerous buildings that have been damaged.


Thursday morning saw relief workers diligently removing massive boulders, comparable in size to cars, that had obstructed railway lines. Their efforts were aimed at restoring normal train services without delay.


To safeguard against potential aftershocks, workers are utilising significant quantities of gravel and rocks to stabilise the Uranus building, a towering 10-storey structure that has been tilting downward since the earthquake occurred.


According to local reports, a tragic incident occurred in the building, resulting in the loss of a female teacher's life. It is believed that she bravely went back inside to rescue her beloved cat.


A powerful earthquake hit an area 18km (11 mi) south of Hualien, triggering over 200 aftershocks. Many of these aftershocks were of significant magnitude, measuring at least 6.5 or higher.

These continuous tremors have made it challenging for search and rescue teams to carry out their operations. Authorities in Taiwan anticipate the occurrence of additional aftershocks in the coming days.


Tourists are drawn to routes such as Qingshui due to the breathtaking views they offer, stretching from the mountains to the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean.

In the northern region, the city of Taipei experienced a strong tremor, causing significant damage to buildings and prompting the evacuation of residents.

Local TV stations broadcasted footage of damaged vehicles and stores in disarray.


The earthquake is close to land and has a shallow depth. The impact of this phenomenon is experienced throughout Taiwan and its surrounding offshore islands.

Reports of power cuts and internet outages have been widespread throughout the island.

Earlier in the day on Wednesday, nearby Japanese and Philippine islands were put on high alert for tsunamis due to the earthquake. However, these alerts were later downgraded.

Residents and long-time expatriates in Taipei are describing the recent earthquake as the most powerful one they have felt in decades, despite Taiwan's frequent seismic activity.

In September 1999, a devastating earthquake struck with a magnitude of 7.6, resulting in the tragic loss of 2,400 lives and the destruction of 5,000 buildings.


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