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Xavi: Barcelona coach will go at the conclusion of the current season

by Reporter - Jan 28 111 Views 0 Comment

Xavi, the manager of Barcelona, has announced his intention to resign at the conclusion of the current season.

In November 2021, the ex-Barcelona and Spain midfielder assumed control after departing from Qatari club Al Sadd.

In the 2022-23 season, he successfully led Barca to win the Spanish championship. However, their recent 5-3 loss to Villarreal at home has put them 10 points behind Real Madrid, who are now leading La Liga.

"I have been a member of the club." I have placed it as my highest priority, even above my own well-being. "I have exerted my utmost effort," said Xavi.

"I will persist in my efforts to ensure that the fans experience a sense of pride."

Despite having one year remaining on his contract, the 44-year-old, who achieved 25 accolades during a distinguished tenure at Barcelona, will formally resign on 30 June.

The decision was taken by the 2010 World Cup champion after discussions with Barcelona's president Joan Laporta, vice-president Rafa Yuste, and sports director Deco.

"The club requires a shift in its dynamics," said Xavi. "In the interest of the players' well-being, I am confident that they will emancipate themselves." We engage in activities with a significant amount of strain.

"In the interest of the board of directors, it is most advantageous for me to resign." I shall exert maximum effort. I believe that all of those factors will contribute to the alteration in dynamics. Here is the message I want to convey. I believe I am making the correct decision.

Xavi said that he would "resign" this month if his teammates lost confidence in him after a 4-1 loss to rivals Real Madrid in the Spanish Super Cup.

Barca retaliated with consecutive victories, but then suffered elimination from the Copa del Rey with a loss to Athletic Bilbao on Wednesday, further exacerbating their position in the championship race with a setback against Villarreal.

Xavi asserts that the profession has had a detrimental impact on his well-being, and he believes it is opportune for him to withdraw in order to prioritize his mental health.

"In Barcelona, one consistently experiences a sense of being undervalued and mistreated - such is the modus operandi of the club," he said.

"On a psychological level, it is also challenging." I possess an optimistic disposition, yet, the battery levels consistently deplete, leading to the realization that there is no use in remaining.

Xavi anticipates that his decision to announce his resignation at this time will help to alleviate tensions for the remainder of the season, including the next Champions League last-16 match against Napoli next month.

"Even if I were to win the Champions League, I would not alter my decision." I will inform the players on the following day. "I am the epitome of responsibility, thus the players will now experience a newfound sense of liberation," he added.

"I am motivated by my emotions and values rather than financial considerations." In my opinion, it is the optimal solution for the club.

"I aspire to be a solution rather than a problem, and I am confident that I can continue to be a solution from now until June."

Xavi's unwavering devotion and deep understanding of Barcelona has helped him become a skilled and practical evaluator of the team's circumstances, preparing himself for the role of manager. His future plans may be uncertain, but his passion for the club and dedication to his role are undeniable.

Equipped with those two factors and having emerged victorious in the league, that particular moment proved to be pivotal in his tenure at Barcelona. Instead of using his weight to gain additional influence, the club stripped him of his authority. Consequently, he experienced the departure of sports director Jordi Cruyff and director of football Mateu Alemany, leaving him without their support.

It is important to note that Xavi was not selected by club president Joan Laporta. Xavi arrived with another candidate, Victor Font, for the elections. However, when Laporta emerged as the winner, it became evident that the supporters wanted a previous great to lead the squad during a period of difficulty and uncertainty. Consequently, he provided him with an opportunity.

He wanted Xavi to spend one or two years with the B side, emulating Pep Guardiola's approach. However, Xavi declined, expressing his only aspiration to be a part of the main team. Laporta harboured persistent doubts about him.

After a tenure of three years, the players need to have attained a certain degree of proficiency. On an individual basis, their performance this season is worse than that of the previous season, and as a group, they lack a distinct style. Xavi will need to determine if the outcome was a result of his shortcomings or whether the circumstances were unfavourable for him to achieve success.

Due to his previous accomplishments as a player, he does not feel compelled to aggressively pursue success as a manager. If his desire for it is not strong, then maybe he was not well prepared for Barcelona. However, he will need to examine it at some juncture. 

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