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Home Arsenal 3-1 Liverpool: Arsenal is in a three-way championship contest.

Arsenal 3-1 Liverpool: Arsenal is in a three-way championship contest.


Arsenal was undoubtedly aware that this encounter with the current Premier League frontrunners, Liverpool, could essentially terminate their aspirations of winning the Premier League crown. That may elucidate the exuberant jubilations that ensued after their triumph.


While it may have been premature to label this match as a "must-win," it was undeniably crucial for Arsenal to avoid a loss. A defeat would have placed them eight points behind Liverpool, who had only suffered one league defeat before they visited Emirates Stadium.

Immediately after the Gunners undid an exceptional first-half performance by carelessly allowing Liverpool to score a ridiculous equaliser just before halftime, the crowd's audible disappointment and the Arsenal players' shocked looks indicated that familiar anxieties were on the verge of becoming a reality again.


Arsenal displayed more intensity and pushed harder than Liverpool, especially in the first half. This reversal of roles showcased the same attributes that have instilled dread in Jurgen Klopp's team.


However, Arsenal could not maintain its advantage inexplicably. The individuals singing during the intermission were Liverpool supporters.


Was Arsenal on the verge of being outsmarted by Liverpool once more?


However, despite the high stakes, Arsenal has shown resilience to overcome uncertainties, regroup, and - admittedly benefiting from Liverpool's woeful defence and overall poor play - position themselves as a central contender in the three-way race for the championship.


Arsenal's joy at the final whistle was unconfined. And why not?


Martin Odegaard grabbed a camera to capture Arsenal's team photographer Stuart MacFarlane revelling in the win, a show of elation that demonstrated exactly what this meant to the Gunners as the Emirates reverberated to the sounds of victory.

Who can blame Odegaard? Given the price of failure and the reward for success, this was the most significant moment of Arsenal's season.


Arsenal is now just two points behind Liverpool, but the giant shadow in this thrilling title race comes from reigning champion Manchester City. They will go top if they win their two games in hand, starting at Brentford on Monday.


However, Arteta's side will be grateful that demons that could have returned after an own goal levelled up Bukayo Saka's early strike via Gabriel's hand were swiftly banished.

Liverpool's defensive circus ably assisted Arsenal. Virgil van Dijk failed to deal with a simple long ball compounded by keeper Alisson's injudicious rush from goal and an embarrassing air shot that left the outstanding Gabriel Martinelli with a simple finish.

As the visitors subsided, Ibrahima Konate was sent off for a second yellow card after blocking Kai Havertz. At the same time, another horrible Alisson blunder allowed Leandro Trossard to sneak a finish through his legs at the near post in stoppage time.


After the commotion subsided, Arsenal managed to significantly reduce Liverpool's lead, instilling a sense of fresh hope and optimism that replaced the temporary despair caused by Gabriel's disastrous equaliser.


Arsenal's character is consistently subjected to intense examination when assessed in light of past failures, such as the sequence of events that unfolded after a commendable draw at Anfield. This sequence included a defeat at home against West Ham, a lacklustre loss at Fulham, and a demoralising departure from the FA Cup in the third round against Liverpool at the Emirates.

The team's performance has precisely met their manager's expectations, as they achieved a resounding 5-0 victory against Crystal Palace and a proficient 2-1 win over Nottingham Forest. Defeating Liverpool, who had only suffered one controversial setback to Tottenham on September 30th, would likely have more significance than any other victory this season, even surpassing the triumph against Manchester City.


Martinelli's dynamic display on Arsenal's left wing was the driving force. He showcased his determination, skill, and commitment to relentlessly pursue a cause that seemed in Van Dijk's control until he became too relaxed. Consequently, Martinelli's goal, albeit fortunate, was well-deserved.


Declan Rice was another exceptional player for Arsenal. Several times this season, he has shown why Arteta was prepared to spend £105m to get the captain of West Ham. This instance was no exception.


Rice had exceptional accuracy in his passing, showed unparalleled skill in gaining possession, and provided the home team with a sense of dominance in the middle precisely when it was most crucial.


Arsenal still have a significant distance to go in the championship competition, and Manchester City will continue to be considered the frontrunners - in fact, they could have been quietly pleased with this result. However, the Gunners performed very well under pressure, which explains the jubilant celebrations at the end of the match.

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