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Celebrity chef José Andrés' aid group sent 200 tonnes of food to Gaza


Renowned chef José Andrés and his non-profit organisation, World Central Kitchen, have extended a helping hand to Gaza. This week, they delivered nearly 200 tons of food to the needy Palestinian people. The organisation that has sent food from Cyprus on the Open Arms ship is owned by a Spanish non-profit dedicated to assisting individuals in emergencies.


José Andrés, 54, is a Spanish-born chef who relocated to the U.S. years ago to pursue his culinary career in restaurants based in New York City and Washington, D.C. In his impressive culinary career, he played a pivotal role in opening numerous restaurants. Building on this success, he went on to establish his restaurants across the country, such as Nubeluz in New York City and Jaleo by José Andrés, which can be found in various locations, including Washington, D.C., Orlando, Las Vegas, Chicago, and Dubai.


During his time in D.C., Andrés dedicated his efforts to volunteering at D.C. Central Kitchen, an organisation that repurposes food to help those in need. 2010, he established World Central Kitchen after developing a keen interest in philanthropy. In its inaugural mission, the organisation focused on providing essential sustenance to the people of Haiti.


World Central Kitchen is an organisation that provides food relief in times of crisis


World Central Kitchen swiftly deploys first responders to deliver nourishing meals to individuals worldwide impacted by natural disasters, crises, and humanitarian emergencies.


In a display of humanitarian efforts, the non-profit has aided war-torn Ukraine and Texas during the wildfires and Japan following devastating earthquakes. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, meals were delivered to children engaged in remote learning, first responders, and vulnerable seniors.


In times of crisis, the group's "Chef Corps" step up to the plate, utilizing their extensive network of local contacts to ensure that food reaches those in need.


In April 2022, Andrés and his team were on the ground in Kharkiv, Ukraine, serving food from a restaurant. It marked their first operation in a war zone.


Four individuals from World Central Kitchen sustained injuries when a Russian missile struck nearby. 


Over 350 million meals have been provided by the organisation to those in need.


Updates on Gaza aid shipments

World Central Kitchen collaborated with the United Arab Emirates and Cyprus to establish a pathway for the Open Arms ship to provide essential food supplies to Gaza. In a remarkable display of generosity, the group has gathered an astounding 500 tons of food. This impressive stockpile in Cyprus consists of essential items such as rice, flour, canned vegetables, protein, and legumes.

The mission was named Operation Safeena by World Central Kitchen; Safeena means a boat or vessel in Arabic.


According to a representative, a World Central Kitchen boat departed from Cyprus on Wednesday and reached Gaza on Friday. It is incredible news! The shipment has enough food to provide nearly half a million meals.


Preparations are underway for a second trip to Gaza, where approximately 300 tonnes of humanitarian food aid will be delivered.


In a recent social media post, it was reported that food had been airdropped from a Royal Jordanian Air Force cargo plane to assist Palestinians in Gaza. The initiative has successfully delivered 150,000 meals to those in need. Additionally, 5,000 meals have been provided to families in Lebanon whom the conflict has displaced.


In recent developments, the United States has initiated the process of airdropping aid into Gaza. Other countries, including Egypt, France, the Netherlands, and Belgium, have also assisted.

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