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Bangladesh is set to celebrate the Independence Day


Today marks the 53rd anniversary of Bangladesh's Independence Day from Pakistan. The nation eagerly anticipates this momentous occasion's commemoration with great enthusiasm.

Bangladesh's declaration of independence from Pakistan was a historic moment led by Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. This declaration was followed by a united and determined population joining forces in the Liberation War.

Following a gruelling nine-month conflict, Bangladesh achieved its long-awaited liberation on December 16, 1971. The birth of the nation, however, came at a heavy cost, with over three million lives sacrificed in the process.

The government has put together extensive programmes at the national level to commemorate this momentous occasion.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina delivered a national address commemorating Independence and National Day 2024 on Monday evening.

In addition to the government, many political, cultural, and social organisations have meticulously planned extensive programmes to commemorate this momentous day.

The day's programme will begin with a gun salute in the early morning to pay tribute to this nation's courageous struggle. This nation endured a long period of foreign rule before finally gaining its cherished independence in 1971.

In a display of national pride, the national flag will be proudly raised at sunrise on various buildings, including government, semi-government, autonomous, and private establishments. Adding to the festive atmosphere, the streets and significant city intersections will be adorned with an array of national and multi-coloured miniature flags and festoons.

Various buildings, establishments, city streets, and islands will be adorned with vibrant lights.

The National Martyrs' Memorial at Savar has been chosen as the primary location for the day's festivities.

President Mohammad Shahabuddin and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina are scheduled to lay wreaths at the site early in the morning, paying tribute to the brave individuals who sacrificed their lives during the Liberation War.

A diverse range of individuals, from the families of the Bir Sreshtho to war-wounded freedom fighters, members of the diplomatic corps, and leaders of various political parties and social, cultural, and professional organisations, will gather at the national memorial in the morning to pay their respects by laying wreaths.

Various media outlets are dedicating special coverage to the Liberation War, with national dailies publishing exclusive supplements and Bangladesh Betar, Bangladesh Television, private radio stations, and television channels airing special programs. These initiatives aim to emphasise the importance of this historic day.

A selection of documentaries and films based on the Liberation War will be showcased in cinema halls nationwide.

Receptions will be held at city, district, and upazila levels to honour freedom fighters and the families of those who sacrificed their lives for freedom. Additionally, the Bangladesh Post Office plans to release commemorative postal stamps.

Prayers will be held at mosques, temples, churches, and other places of worship nationwide to seek divine blessings for the eternal peace of the departed souls. These prayers will honour the Father of the Nation, four national leaders, the War of Liberation martyrs, and all other patriotic individuals.

In celebration of the occasion, hospitals, jails, old homes, and orphanage centres will provide upgraded meals to the inmates. Children's parks and museums across the country will continue to welcome visitors of all ages.

The Bangladesh Navy and Coast Guard have announced that they will open their ships to the public at various ports and dockside locations. This will allow people to explore the vessels and learn more about their operations. The open hours will be from 9 am to 2 pm on the designated day.

Programmes at district and upazila levels, as well as at Bangladesh embassies in different countries, will be organised to emphasise the importance of Independence Day.

Google honoured Bangladesh's Independence Day with a special Doodle on its homepage, celebrating the nation's hard-won freedom from Pakistan. The Doodle artwork features the national flag of Bangladesh, depicting a red circle on a green background.

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