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Israeli Military Intelligence Chief Resigns over October 7 Attack


In a significant development, Maj Gen Aharon Haliva has stepped down from his position, making him the first high-ranking official to resign in connection with the most devastating attack ever witnessed in Israel's recent history.

The head of Israel's military intelligence directorate has resigned from his position following his failure to prevent the recent Hamas drone attack.

The attack, which occurred on October 7, marked the first time that Hamas drones targeted Tel Aviv. This incident has had a significant impact on Israel's military operations.

Maj Gen Aharon Haliva's resignation has sparked speculation of a potential domino effect within Israel's top security forces following Hamas's recent attack. 

During the assault, Hamas fighters managed to breach border defences, resulting in a devastating loss of life, with approximately 1,200 people, mostly civilians, killed and around 250 hostages taken.

In Gaza, the conflict between Hamas and the opposing forces entered its seventh month.

According to the Israeli military, Haliva has concluded his term and services. This decision comes after his periodic responsibility. According to military sources, the military chief of staff has approved Haliva's request and expressed gratitude for his valuable services.

According to sources, it is believed that several leaders, including Haliya and various military and security officials, were anticipated to step down due to the mistakes made, ultimately culminating in the October 7 attack.

The timing of their departure remains uncertain as Israel persists in its conflict against Hamas in Gaza and the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah.

The ongoing tensions between Iran and other nations continue to escalate, creating a highly volatile situation.

On the other hand, Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli Prime Minister, has taken a more cautious approach. In a recent announcement, he has stated his intention to address the challenging inquiries.

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