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Israel withdraws most ground soldiers from southern Gaza


Israel has withdrawn most of its ground troops from southern Gaza, marking the six-month milestone of its war on Gaza. The war was initiated in response to the Hamas attack on October 7th 2023. 

According to local reports, only one brigade remained in Khan Younis with the mission of securing the "Netzarim corridor" that separates the Gaza Strip.


The potential delay of a long-anticipated incursion into the southern city of Rafah remains uncertain, leaving questions about its impact on Hamas, according to Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu.


In the wake of the tragic incident where seven aid workers, including three Britons, lost their lives at the hands of the Israeli military, there has been increasing pressure on Britain to halt arms sales to Israel.


During an interview, the UK's deputy prime minister, Oliver Dowden, expressed his view that Israel had made significant errors during the conflict.

He emphasised that the UK was holding Israel to a very high standard.


According to Mr Dowden, Britain is not granting Mr Netanyahu unlimited freedom of action and is engaging in strong discussions with Israel.


In regards to any potential halt in sales, it was emphasised that the decision ultimately lies with business secretary Kemi Badenoch, based on the advice provided by foreign secretary David Cameron. It was further clarified that the advice given has not been altered at this point.


Lord Cameron issued a warning, emphasising that British support for Israel was not without conditions. He expressed concern over the dire situation faced by Palestinians in Gaza, stating that they were teetering on the edge of famine.


Our support is not without conditions. We anticipate that a nation with a strong sense of pride and a history of success in democracy will adhere to international humanitarian law, even in the face of challenges. He stated.

Israel has reportedly made preparations for a potential ground invasion of Rafah, citing the city's proximity to the Egyptian border and its alleged concentration of Hamas strongholds.


Rafah has emerged as the final shelter for over a million Palestinians seeking shelter from the relentless Israeli airstrikes in other areas.

The United Nations has issued a grave warning, stating that an attack on the city would result in a horrific loss of life.

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