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Israel Gaza relief convoy rush injuries: Many gunshot wounds — UN


The UN reported bullet wounds in many Gazans treated after a rush on an aid truck on Thursday.


UN monitors conducted a visit to Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza City and observed the ongoing treatment of around 200 individuals.


Hamas, the governing body of Gaza, has said that Israel targeted civilians with gunfire. However, Israel has countered by claiming that the majority of casualties occurred as a result of a panic triggered by its troops' warning shots.


Global leaders have advocated for a comprehensive inquiry.


In the early hours of Thursday morning, a large number of individuals gathered around an aid convoy as it travelled along a seaside road, accompanied by Israeli soldiers.

The World Food Programme has cautioned the imminent occurrence of a famine in northern Gaza. This region has experienced a significant lack of assistance in recent weeks, resulting in an estimated 300,000 individuals with limited access to food and clean water.


The clip captures audible gunfire and witnesses individuals hastily rushing over Lorries and hiding behind the cars.


According to the health ministry of Gaza, which is under the control of Hamas, the incident resulted in a minimum of 112 fatalities and an additional 760 individuals sustaining injuries.


Danial Hagarithe spokesperson for the Israel Defence Forces (IDF), stated on social media that numerous Gazans sustained injuries due to acts of pushing and trampling.

Lieutenant Colonel Peter Lerner, in an interview with Channel 4 News, stated that a group of individuals forcefully entered the caravan, and Israeli forces made a cautious attempt to disperse the mob by employing a limited number of warning shots.


According to Mark Regev, a senior assistant to the Israeli prime ministerIsrael was not directly implicated in the incident, and the firing was attributed to "Palestinian armed groups." However, Regev did not furnish any supporting proof for this claim.


Stephane Dujarric, a spokesperson for the United Nations leader António Guterres, stated on Friday that a delegation from the United Nations had conducted a visit to Al-Shifa Hospital earlier in the day, during which they observed a significant quantity of gunshot injuries among the survivors.


He stated that he was unaware of the team's examination of the deceased individuals' corpses.


According to Dr. Mohamed Salha, the temporary hospital manager at Al-Awda Hospital, Al-Awda has received a total of 176 injured individuals, with 142 of them having sustained gunshot wounds.


He stated that the others had experienced fractured limbs during the stampede.

In his response to the tragedy, Lord Cameronthe Foreign Secretary of the United Kingdom, described the fatalities as "horrific" and emphasised the need for an immediate investigation and responsibility.


"This must not occur again," he stated.


The speaker also asserted that the occurrence was inherently linked to the insufficient provision of aid entering Gaza, deeming the existing levels "completely unacceptable."

US President Joe Biden declared that the United States would commence aerial delivery of assistance to Gaza, expressing that "Innocent individuals became entangled in a deplorable conflict, rendering them incapable of providing sustenance for their families." We must increase our efforts, and the United States will increase its efforts.


The Israeli military initiated an extensive aerial and terrestrial operation to dismantle Hamas. This organisation has been designated as a terrorist entity by Israel, the United Kingdom, and other nations. This campaign was prompted by the murder of around 1,200 individuals in southern Israel on October 7th and the subsequent abduction of 253 individuals as hostages in Gaza.


According to the health ministry of Gaza, which is under the control of Hamas, the number of fatalities in Gaza has exceeded 30,000. This includes 21,000 children and women, with around 7,000 individuals still unaccounted for and a minimum of 70,450 individuals injured.

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