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Nikki Haley wins DC's Republican primary and her first 2024 win


Nikki Haley won her first win in the 2024 campaign by winning the Republican primary in the District of Columbia.


Donald Trump's dominance in the GOP primary elections has been temporarily interrupted by her recent victory. However, he still anticipates securing many delegates in the upcoming Super Tuesday races.


Despite facing initial challenges, Haley has declared her intention to remain in the race until after those contests. She has yet to specify the primary election in which she is confident of winning. Despite losing in South Carolina, Haley maintained that voters in other states should have had the opportunity to choose Trump despite his initial advantage in the race.


The Associated Press declared Haley the winner after D.C. Republican Party leaders disclosed the results on Sunday night. She won all 19 delegate positions.


Haley's spokesperson, Olivia Perez-Cubas, stated that it is not unexpected for Republicans with intimate ties to Washington dysfunction to turn away from Donald Trump and his instability, as Haley became the first woman to win a Republican primary in history.


Washington is one of the most Democratic-dominated jurisdictions in the country, with approximately 23,000 registered Republicans in the city. Democrat Joe Biden secured victory in the district during the 2020 general election with 92% of the vote.


Following Haley's victory, the Trump team jokingly applauded her for being labelled "Queen of the Swamp" by lobbyists and D.C. insiders who aim to maintain the unsuccessful current state of affairs.


After headlining a rally in the nation's capital on Friday, Haley headed to North Carolina and the states hosting Super Tuesday primaries. She playfully taunted over a hundred followers in a hotel ballroom by asking, "Who claims there are no Republicans in D.C.?" Proceed.


Haley emphasised that our objective is to interact with many individuals and have a significant impact.


During Clinton's campaign speech condemning Trump for raising the national deficit, a rally attendee shouted, "He cannot win a general election." It's wild. Haley acknowledged that she could prevent Biden from serving a second term, whereas Trump could not.


A self-proclaimed conservative candidate, Haley has generally appealed to moderate and independent voters.


In the South Carolina GOP primary, 40% of Haley's supporters self-identified as moderates, while only 15% of Trump's supporters did so, according to AP VoteCast, a survey conducted by NORC at the University of Chicago among over 2,400 voters participating in the Republican primary. Approximately 50% of Haley's admirers were conservative, while 80% of Trump supporters were conservative.


Trump won the uncontested D.C. primary during his 2020 reelection campaign, but in the previous election, he placed far behind Florida Senator Marco Rubio and former Ohio Governor John Kasich. Rubio achieved only three wins in his unsuccessful 2016 campaign. Mitt Romney and John McCain considered more centrist Republicans, won the city's primary in 2012 and 2008 to earn the GOP nomination.

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