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World slams US ceasefire veto at UN Security Council on Israel's Gaza war


Russia vows to persevere as China claims US veto authorizes Israeli slaughter in Gaza.

A draft UN Security Council (UNSC) resolution on Israel's war in Gaza has been vetoed by the US once more, drawing sharp criticism from both allies and rivals.


Tuesday's action, which marked the US veto of a UNSC resolution calling for a ceasefire in Gaza for the third time, was taken one day after Washington circulated a resolution endorsing a temporary ceasefire contingent on the release of all Israeli prisoners held in the Palestinian enclave.


The vote in the 15-member council was 13-1, with the UK abstaining, which indicates the strong support that the world has given to put an end to the horrific conflict that has claimed the lives of over 29,000 Palestinians


These are the reactions of nations and international leaders.



According to the Xinhua news agencyZhang JunChina's envoy to the UN, expressed "strong disappointment and dissatisfaction" with the US.


Zhang stated that opposing a ceasefire in Gaza is "Nothing different from giving the green light to the continued slaughter," adding that the US veto "Sends a wrong message, pushing the situation in Gaza into a more dangerous one."


Xinhua quoted him as saying, "The world can only stop the flames of hell from engulfing the entire region by putting an end to the war in Gaza."



Vasily NebenziaRussia's UN ambassador, described the US veto as "another black page in the Security Council's history."


He charged that the US was attempting to buy time for Israel to carry out its "inhumane plans" for Gaza, which included driving the Palestinians out of the region and "cleansing" the enclave entirely.


No matter how unpleasant the "aftertaste" of the vote may be, he continued, "We are not in the mood to give up." 



Noting that the resolution "Could not be adopted, given the disastrous situation" in Gaza, France's UN envoy Nicolas de Riviere expressed regret.


De Riviere stated that France, a country that supported the resolution, would keep pushing for releasing all prisoners and the "immediate implementation" of a ceasefire.



The UNSC has "Failed once again," according to Algeria's envoy, and the decision could have far-reaching effects on the Middle East.


"Today, we want to convey to you that the international community must demand an immediate ceasefire in response to calls to stop the killing of Palestinians. Erroneous decisions made today will impact our region and the world tomorrow, so everyone resisting these calls needs to reevaluate their calculations and policies. Moreover, violence and instability will be the price for this, according to Amar Bendjama.


So inquire and check your conscience. What effects will your choices today have? How will history remember you?



According to Palestinian UN envoy Riyad Mansour, the US veto was "Very regrettable," he told Al Jazeera.


"Name it what you will, humanitarian, characterise it as you please, but an immediate ceasefire is demanded by the UN secretary-general, nearly all of the UN's humanitarian agencies, and a significant portion of the General Assembly's member nations," he declared.

"The Security Council is sending Israel the incorrect message."


He said, "We will keep pounding on doors at the Security Council, the General Assembly, and all UN bodies."



The Palestinian organization claimed that US President Joe Biden's administration's choice to thwart Algeria's draft resolution serves the Israeli occupation's goal of "Killing and displacing" Palestinians.


In a statement, Hamas claimed that "President Joe Biden and his administration bear direct responsibility for derailing the resolution for a ceasefire in Gaza." "The occupation views the American position as a green light to commit more massacres and kill our innocent people through starvation and bombing." 


Palestine Authority

The US vetoaccording to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas's office, disregarded international opinion and gave Israel "an additional green light to continue its aggression against the people of Gaza and to launch a bloody assault against Rafah."


Additionally, the Palestinian presidency declared that it holds the US government accountable for "supporting and providing protection" for Israel's "barbaric attacks" in Gaza against women, children, and older people.


The office declared, "This policy makes the United States a partner in the war crimes and ethnic cleansing and genocide that Israeli forces are committing."



Alya Ahmed Saif Al Thanithe UN ambassador for Qatar, expressed regret that the resolution proposed by Algeria was not adopted by the UNSC and promised to keep supporting efforts to bring about a ceasefire in Gaza.


Saudi Arabia

In addition to expressing "Regret" over the vetoSaudi Arabia's Foreign Ministry emphasized that the Security Council "needs now more than ever to reform in order to carry out its responsibilities in maintaining peace and security with credibility and without double standards."



The Norwegian mission to the UN expressed its "Regrets" over the failure of the council to pass a resolution calling for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire.


"Putting an end to the horror in Gaza is imperative," it continued.



Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudezthe president of Cubadenounced the US, claiming that its veto rendered it culpable for Israel's crimes against the Palestinian people.

In a social media postBermudez stated, "The US has just vetoed again the UN Security Council resolution that demanded an immediate ceasefire in Gaza and an end to the forced displacement of the Palestinian population." "They are complicit in Israel's genocide against Palestine." 


Amnesty International

The human rights organization's director, Agnes Callamard, claimed that Washington had the opportunity to defend Palestinian civilians at the UNSC but took "The opposite path." "And once more, the US chose the wrong course of action when it had the opportunity to protect Palestinians from grave risks of genocide, uphold international law and universality, and stop widespread killings and suffering," Callamard remarked.


Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)


Muslim Americans, according to CAIR director Nihad Awad, were "Running out of words" to denounce Biden's backing of the "Genocide" in Gaza.


It is dishonorable that the US has vetoed a UN resolution calling for a ceasefire. Awad said President Biden "Should stop acting like Benjamin Netanyahu's defence attorney and start acting like the President of the United States."


"We urge the American people to keep calling the White House and their elected officials to express their opposition to the Biden administration's support for the war crimes committed by the Israeli government and to demand a ceasefire, access to humanitarian aid, and the pursuit of a just, lasting peace."

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