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Trump pays $175m NY fraud bail as Truth Social stock plummets


Donald Trump paid $175 million bail in his civil fraud case in New York, which has temporarily halted the entire $464 million in penalties that the former president is facing. The accusations against Trump's firm are that they have deceived banks and insurers for over a decade by providing false information about their assets.

The firm was declared guilty of misrepresenting its assets, which led to the consequences.


State authorities were getting ready to confiscate Mr. Trump's assets to execute the verdict when the bail payment was made, which was a little late.


In response to the continuous and aggressive attacks by Mr. Trump on the family of the justice, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg has requested the court overseeing the hush money trial of the Republican presidential nominee to enhance the gag order.


The defendant's remarks posed a "very real" danger to the trial's credibility, according to Judge Juan Merchan of the New York Supreme Court.


The parent firm of Mr. Trump's Truth Social platform had a $58 million loss in 2023, according to an SEC filing, and as a result, its Nasdaq stock dropped 20% during trading on Monday.


As a newly public company, Trump Media & Technology Group has had quite the roller coaster ride so far, with shares going as high as $79 on Thursday and as low as $48.66 on Friday.

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