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Samsung announced 2024 mid-range smartphones with significant upgrades

by Reporter - Mar 12 130 Views 0 Comment

Samsung has announced that both Galaxy A35 and A55 models now feature a metal aluminium frame, and for the first time in Samsung's mid-range phones, Knox Vault will be included.


Samsung has introduced the new Galaxy A55 and Galaxy A35 to its midrange A-series lineup, known for featuring the company's most popular phones. 


The new A55 and A35 now come equipped with Samsung's Knox Vault, a security feature to safeguard sensitive data such as lock screen credentials and encryption keys. This feature physically isolates the data from the phones' central processors and memory, protecting them from potential software and hardware attacks. It marks the debut of the security feature on the company's A-series devices.


According to Android Police, the Galaxy A55 features a metal frame, marking an improvement from the plastic frame seen in the previous Galaxy A54 model.


In Europe, Samsung has revealed the pricing for the two models to launch on March 20th. However, the availability of each version may differ across various markets. The Galaxy A55 is priced at €479 (£439, around $524) for the base model with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. The price goes up to €529 (£489, around $579) for the model with 256GB of storage.


In other news, the Galaxy A35 is priced at €379 (approximately £322 or $415) for the 6GB RAM and 128GB storage variant. The 8GB/128GB version is available for £339 (around €398 or $435), and the 8GB/256GB model can be purchased for €449 (£389, approximately $491).


(Image Credit: Samsung.)

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