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Planet Earth is expected to experience the hottest February ever documented


Planet Earth is expected to experience the hottest February ever documented.


According to meteorologiststhe El Nino climate pattern and human-induced global warming will likely break heat records in February 2024. Experts are concerned because temperature surges have already reached previously unheard-of levels, especially in sea surface temperatures.


The Guardian reported, "The planet is warming at an accelerating rate, with rapid temperature increases in the ocean, the climate's largest heat reservoir." Dr. Joel Hirschi is with the UK National Oceanography Centre.



What is warm in February?


Zeke Hausfather, an Earth scientist at Berkeley, claims that after record-breaking months in January 2024 and the final seven months of 2023 since Mayhumanity is on track for the hottest February.


The present track points to a possible two °C warming above pre-industrial levels, although El Nino may impact this short-lived peak.


In an interview with The Guardian, Hausfather stated, "The climate has become more erratic and harder to forecast."

He pointed out that although severe temperatures are likely to continue, weather models indicate that global temperatures may drop during the next week.


Where February is hot?


A startling number of global heat records for meteorological stations were set in the first half of February.


Many nations, including South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Japan, and Morocco, have claimed monthly heat records. Countries like China and Morocco saw temperatures substantially above average for their seasons.


Temperatures in the equatorial Pacific will drop in late spring or early summer as the El Nino weather pattern weakens.


"Slowing, stopping, or reversing the warming trajectory is akin to changing the course of a super tanker," Dr. Joel Hirschi continued. Although we will not see results immediately, taking action now will make it easier to stay out of trouble later.


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