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Mitchell Starc of KKR smashes in Qualifier 1

by Reporter - May 22 142 Views 0 Comment

Mitch Starc delivered a devastating blow to the SRH's formidable top order, using his pace and swing to leave them in a precarious position at 39 for four after just five overs.

Unfortunately for them, they were unable to recover from this setback fully. Venkatesh Iyer and Shreyas Iyer made the most of Sunil Narine's solid start, successfully chasing the target of 160 runs in a remarkable 13.4 overs.

Brave Starc and KKR nail it

Occasionally, taking risks can yield great rewards. KKR showed great skill and effectiveness with the new ball. Mitchell Starc and Vaibhav Arora displayed exceptional bowling skills, maintaining a consistent full length and utilising late swing to cause a remarkable collapse during the Power play.


With four wickets down in just five intense overs, the situation looked dire for SRH. When Heinrich Klaasen was also dismissed, it became evident that the victory was leaning towards the Bengali team unless an extraordinary turn of events occurred during the chase.

KKR secured their place in the final of the IPL 2024 with a resounding victory. During a moment in the game, Gautam Gambhir, who had previously stated that his priority is winning rather than smiling for the crowd, briefly smiled at the KKR dugout before swiftly composing himself.

In the first half of the uneventful tournament, the other man stood out with his wry smile. Mitch Starc, in particular, made a significant impact by taking three out of the first four wickets.

Before starting the tournament, Starc confidently dismissed any speculation about him incorporating a change of pace in T20 matches. 


Instead, he intended to rely on his tried-and-true strengths: delivering full, fast, and swinging deliveries. The opening delivery proved to be quite intriguing, skillfully bowled outside the off stump, making it difficult for the left-handed batsman Travis Head to make contact.

During the live broadcast, Matthew Hayden, a former Australian opener, was forming a quick judgment that Starc's decision was a mistake. Hayden believed this choice indicated that Starc was deviating from his usual strategy of aggressively targeting the stumps. He did not need to be afraid, as the next ball was a powerful shot aimed directly at the stumps.


The outcome would have been insufficient, but it took a late twist that proved devastating for Head. The opening delivery had built up momentum, only to veer off course and knock down both the off and middle stumps.

Abhishek Sharma, another key player for SRH, could also not make an impact due to the bold strategy of keeping the ball full. Arora possesses the remarkable skill of manipulating the ball's trajectory, effortlessly curving it in either direction with every delivery.


As expected, Sharma attempted a powerful aerial off-drive, but the ball moved late and ended up slicing off the outer half, resulting in a straightforward catch at covers. With two wickets falling without any runs on the board, the Sunrisers Hyderabad team found themselves in a precarious position.

Starc delivered two devastating blows in the fifth over of the innings in a stunning display of skill and precision. This strategic move by the captain was an obvious choice, given Starc's exceptional form with the new ball.


In the over, the bowler noticed that Nitish Reddy was positioning his front foot for a powerful swing. Taking advantage of this, Starc delivered a bouncer that caused Reddy to hit a top-edged shot, which was caught by the wicketkeeper. 


In the last delivery of his spell, the left-hander Shahbaz Ahmed cautiously prodded at a well-pitched ball outside off, resulting in it hitting his middle stump. Starc would quickly point his finger at a teammate while eagerly celebrating the wicket.

In a display reminiscent of a seasoned professional, Starc showcased his signature high-arm action, delivering the ball with precision and a perfectly upright seam. With unwavering confidence, he consistently found the correct lengths and skillfully manipulated the ball's swing.


In previous encounters in domestic cricket, he has demonstrated his prowess against Head by consistently targeting his off-stump and successfully dismissing him on multiple occasions.


Despite Head's impressive form, he was unable to solve Starc's bowling mystery. In contrast, the remaining couple of wickets were considerably less challenging. 

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